Johan Liedgren ( ) is originally from Sweden, and has settled in Seattle, USA.  He is an award-winning cinema director, writer, and story consultant.  He also applies narrative thinking to his consulting work with companies involving brands, design, media, and technology.




Workshop title:

"What Stories Want: The Structure and Nature of Stories" (A Specialised Storytelling Workshop for Adults, Sun 11 Feb, 10am-12:30pm).  


Workshop description:

Using the story of "The Garden of Eden" as an example, we would exlore the elements that are required to make a story a story, to be worth telling and being heard.  Participants would experience ways telling and listening to stories are both creative acts, acts that can give purpose and meaning to life.  This would help participants to understand not just what all stories share, but also what stories "want from us".  And why no story can resist imagining something different from what is now, helping us to look at the world not as static, but as the beginning of another story -- a story that is both surprising and an eternal source of hope.

(Script-writing for cinema is an application of storytelling that would be considered throughout this Workshop.)




Johan Liedgren would also be Chennai Storytelling Festival 2018's Valedictory speaker, at 4:30pm on Sun 11 Feb (before the final set of performances).




A photo of Johan Liedgren is here.


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