Chennai Storytelling Festival 2018

(Fri 2nd to Sun 11th Feb 2018)


Recommended Hotel --


Treebo Pechis Castle Hotel

69, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam

Landline -- 044 2820 1213 / 4 / 5

Hotel website

Hotel map


Please make your own bookings

directly with
Mr S Selvaraj, Hotel General Manager,

94444 81883

S Selvaraj <>


Please say you are with

"Chennai Storytelling Festival at Loyola College"

to get these rates --


Standard Single Room (including tax), Rs 2,016.


Standard Double Room (including tax), Rs 2,576. 

(Please say if you want one large bed, or two small beds.)


Includes AC, Wi-fi, and breakfast.


Please let me know if you would like to

share a room with another Festival

attendee of the same gender -- I would

try to facilitate this.


Please contact me if there might be

any need -- Dr Eric Miller, Director,

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2018,

98403 94282

Eric Miller <>



This Hotel is just across the street from

Loyola College (which is where most of

the last 4 days of CSF 2018 would occur). 

The Hotel is new and clean.  Restaurants 

and food markets are short auto-rickshaw

rides away.


Loyola College map

(with restaurant options)




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