From Dr Eric Miller,

Director, World Storytelling Institute,

and Chennai Storytelling Festival 2018




Some possible activities

for a 2.5 hour (150 minute)


"Introductory Storytelling Workshop"




1) Warm-up

Participants together in one group.


2) Telling Stories about Something That Happened in the Past 24 Hours

(Personal-experience stories).

Participants in pairs.


3) Telling Stories about Eye-opening Experiences (Personal-experience stories).

Participants in pairs.


4)  Telling Animal Fables, Fairy Tales, and/or Episodes of Epics

(Grandmother stories, also known as Folktales).

Participants in pairs.


5) Story-composing Activities and Storytelling Games

(Original Creative Stories)

Participants in groups of 4 or 5.




The following material could be taught to Workshop participants:


Storytelling techniques.


Some criteria for effective storytelling.


When preparing and telling any story, one could do these things.


Additional Suggestions.