13 Writings Concerning

Storytelling in Relation to

Language Acquisition,

Teaching-and-learning, and

Personality Development


by Dr Eric Miller, Director,

World Storytelling Institute (Chennai)



1) "Verbal Play and Language Acquisition


2) ”Ways Verbal Play such as Storytelling and

Word-games Can Be Used for Teaching-and-learning



3) ”Using Storytelling to Encourage Reading


4) "Storytelling and Interactive Education"


5) ”Storytelling for Teaching-and-learning


6) ”Storytelling and Story-listening, and Children's

Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Development”.


7) ”Child Development, Arts Therapies, Education --

and Storytelling


8) "Dance, Movement, Gesture, and Posture in Storytelling"


9) "Review of a Drama-and-movement Therapy Workshop"


10) "Story and Storytelling in Storytelling Therapy

and Expressive Arts Therapy"


11) "Expressive Arts Therapy -- including

Storytelling Therapy -- in Cultural Context"


12) "Fairytale Therapy: A Type of Storytelling Therapy"


13) "Becoming Oneself: A Goal in Carl Jung's

Conception of Therapy"