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"Jungian Psychodrama Workshops --

Dreams, Fairytales, Epics, and You!"



Dr Maurizio Gasseau of Turin, Italy

(PhD in Clinical Psychology, University of Rome).


A still-image of Dr Maurizio is here.

Bio-data is here.


The Workshop language would be English.




There would be three 3-day Workshops.


Timing: 9:30am-4pm daily.




Workshop 1 --

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July.

"Psychodrama of Dreams, and

Social Dreaming Matrix".


Workshop 2 --

Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st July.

"Psychodramatic Socio Dreaming,

Socio Drama, and Unfinished Business".


Workshop 3 --

Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd August.

"Trans-generational Psychodrama

and Symbolic Representation in

Fairytales, Epics, and Myths".


One could attend one, two, or all three

of the 3-day Workshops.





Indian Institute of Psychodrama

No.7, "Kasturi Estate 3rd Street"

(Muchachi Mansion) 3rd Floor

Cathedral Road, Alwarpet.


(No videoconference option this time --





The fee for each 3-day Workshop

is Rs 6,000.


Additional info about the Workshops

is below,


And is also here (on this webpage,

to register for one or more of the

Workshops, please click on



To ask questions about these

Workshops, please call

98403 94282 / 98847 00135

and/or send an email to .








About Psychodrama --


Psychodrama involves acting out

(role-playing) characters and situations

that are on participants' minds.


Imaginary and symbolic characters may

also be involved.


Psychodrama could be done for the

sakes of:

* Creativity and fun.

* Self, staff, and community exploration

and sharing.

* Team building.

* Therapy and healing.

* Etc.


Psychodrama gets one in the habit of

speaking dialogue,

* between characters, and

* between multiple inner aspects of

a single character.


By the way:

One way Psychodrama is helpful for

Storytelling is that Psychodrama

encourages one to develop dialogue

between characters.




About Jungian Psychodrama --


Dr Carl Jung (1875-1961) was a co-founder of

Psycho-analysis, along with Dr Sigmund Freud.


Dr Freud focussed on ways a person is shaped

by experiences with one's parents during one's

early childhood.  Dr Jung considered a much

wider canvas, including one's cultural

background and surroundings.


Dr Jung's theory and method involve,

* The individual and collective unconscious.

* Female and male aspects of the personality.

* Archetypal images, events, and relationships.

* Fairytales, Legends, Epics, and Myths.

* Metaphors and symbols.

* Integration of aspects of one's self,

and integration of one's self with the universe.

(The Jungian term for this integration is



A form of role-playing -- which Dr Jung called

"Active Imagination" -- is actually a part of

his 3-step therapeutic Psychology method,

which is explained here.  This could include

participants speaking to and as characters

from epics, fairytales, etc, as well as

imaginary characters.


Jung's method assists one to learn

ways to think and "live mythically" --

with one foot in the ordinary human

world, and one foot in realms beyond.

This kind of thinking could help one

to integrate and synthesize various

aspects of one's experience.


These Workshops would demonstrate

ways that working with Epics, Fairytales,

and other traditional stories could help one to


Recognise the power of archetypal elements

outside and inside oneself, and then put one’s

personal experiences into a larger perspective. 

Understanding the functioning of archetypal

characters and situations within oneself is a

way of synchronising the beating of one’s

own heart with the rhythm of the cosmos.


(June Singer.  Boundaries of the Soul: The

Practice of Jung's Psychology. Garden City,

NY, Doubleday.  1972.  pp. 127-8.)




The wiki page about Dr Jung is here.


An essay on Dr Jung's approach is here.


An article relating to Dr Maurizio's

Jungian Psychodrama Workshops

in Chennai last year is,

"Conversations with God, Cinderella, and Fear",

The Hindu (Chennai edition), MetroPlus Section,

31 August 2018, Page 4.


"Symbols in Dreams and Myths" --

Quotes inspired by Dr Jung's approach,

gathered and commented upon by Dr Eric.




People who might benefit from these

Workshops include:

* Psychological counsellors.

* Social workers.

* People working in NGOs.

* Trainers of Soft Skills and Life Skills

* Educators.

* People in the arts.

* Writers of cinema screenplays, dramatic plays,

novels, short stories, poetry, and song lyrics.

* Cinema and theatre directors.

* Tour guides.

* Parents.

* -- And anyone aspiring to be any of the above.


These Workshop sessions would involve

(light, informal) group therapy, as a way

of teaching-and-learning the Jungian

Psychodrama method.




In sum:


Dr Maurizio's upcoming 9-day Training

Residency in Chennai (composed of

three separate 3-day Workshops)

promises to provide extremely rich,

rewarding experiences.


Come explore your selves -- your memories,

imaginations, and cultures -- and ways of

accessing same!


The methods taught in these Workshops

could be very useful for one's self, and

for one's clients.




Again --


To ask questions about

these Workshops, please call

98403 94282 / 98847 00135

and/or send an email to .


To register for one or more of the

Jungian Psychodrama Workshops.

please click here, and and then

please click on "CLICK HERE".




Many thanks,


- Eric



Dr Eric Miller

(PhD in Folklore, MSc in Psychology).

Mobile: 98403 94282.


Assistant Director,

Indian Institute of Psychodrama.


World Storytelling Institute




The Indian Institute of Psychodrama

is directed by

Ms Magdalene Jeyarathnam,

Expressive Arts Therapist and Psychodramatist,

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