Workshop Title

Storytelling Therapy.


The Workshop Poster is here.


Workshop Description

Storytelling Therapy is one of the Creative Arts Therapies (also known as, the Expressive Therapies).  Storytelling Therapy involves working with stories that relate to clients' experiences.  Course participants would learn about, and would receive training in, Storytelling Therapy methods.  In addition to Psychological Counselling, these methods can be used for Coaching, Personality Development, and Life Skills Training.  Participants would receive Certificates of Participation.


Workshop Pre-requisites

No previous study or training is required.


Workshop Schedule

7 weekly sessions. 

Days and Times: To be announced.


Session 1 --

Storytelling Therapy: Introduction.


Session 2 --

A) Stories -- Elements, Structures, and Types. 

B) The Storytelling Process -- Psychological and Social Aspects. 


Session 3 --

Therapy, Counselling, and Healing -- Psycho-analysis and other methods.


Session 4 --

In Storytelling Therapy --

A) Ways of Speaking (Melodic Speech, Rhythmic Speech, Song).

B) Ways of Moving (Posture, Gesture, Rhythmic Movement, Dance).

C) Drawing.


Session 5 --

Inspirations for Storytelling Therapy --

A) Telling Grandmother Stories to give Comfort and Guidance.

B) Shamanism.


Session 6 --

Presentations by Participants.


Session 7 --

Presentations by Participants.


Workshop fee

Rs 7,000  


Workshop Assignments

There would be light reading assignments.  All readings would be provided. 

Participants would be requested to give 2 oral presentations:

1) Each participant would formulate a question relating to Storytelling Therapy, and would give an oral presentation to answer this question.

2) Participants would apply (in at least 3 sessions with individuals or groups) methods taught in the Workshop.  Participants would give oral presentations about their experiences of these sessions.  Note:  Participants who might have earned a Masters degree in Psychology or Social Work could think of this as utilising methods of Storytelling Therapy: others could think of this as practising Storytelling for Coaching, Personality Development, Life Skills Training, and/or Healing. 


Workshop Trainer

Dr Eric Miller has taught at 6 Colleges/Universities -- 3 in New York City, his hometown (New York University; Fordham University; and St John's University); and 3 in Chennai, his adopted home (University of Madras; Indian Institute of Technology - Madras; and the Image College of Animation, Arts, and Technology).


At these Colleges/Universities, he has taught 15 courses, including: Writing Essays, Writing about Literature, Creative Writing, Writing for Animated Movies and Video Games, The Folktale, The Modern Short Story, History of USA Drama, Public Speaking, and Storytelling.


Dr Eric has earned a PhD in Folklore (University of Pennsylvania, 2010), and is a MSc Candidate in Psychology (University of Madras).  He has completed a one-year Certificate Course in Psychological Counselling, conducted by the Chennai Counsellors Foundation.


In 2007, Dr Eric and others founded the World Storytelling Institute, which he directs.  One project of the WSI is the Chennai Storytelling Festival: the 6th annual edition of this Festival is scheduled to occur at Loyola College in Feb 2018.  Dr Eric is also the Assistant Director of the East West Center for Counselling and Training, and is a Co-founder and Co-facilitator of the Indian Storytelling Network.  Dr Eric's CV is here, and his Life Narrative is here.


Links to approx 65 of Dr Eric's writings -- mostly under the headings, Tamil Nadu, Storytelling, Storytelling Therapy, and Videoconferencing -- can be found at his personal website, . 


Links to his writings relating to Storytelling Therapy (including Fairytale Therapy) are here.


Links to 66 newspaper and magazine articles referring to his work are here.


For Additional Info, and to Register

Please contact the Workshop Trainer, Dr Eric Miller (Chennai), at +91 98403 94282, .  




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