East West Center for Counselling and Training,


World Storytelling Institute




A Workshop for adults on

"Creating and Enacting Stories Collaboratively"


Upcoming Sessions of the Workshop --


This Workshop is occurring as an ongoing series.  People are welcome to join a session even if they had not attended previous sessions.


Dr Eric's handout at the November session of the Workshop is here.




Dates, Times, and, Trainers


Wednesday 18th Dec 2019.  10am-12:30pm.

Trainer: Dr Eric Miller.


Wednesday 29th Jan 2020.  To be announced.

Trainer: Dr Herb Propper.




Workshop Description

Participants would learn ways to create characters, situations, and stories "out of thin air" -- for the sakes of

1) Fun,

2) Self-expression,

3) Creating art, and

4) Healing of self and others. 


Guided visualisations and improvisational theatre techniques are among the methods that would be used and taught.


This Workshop might be especially useful for

1) Professional Storytellers.

2) Theatre Writers, Directors, and Actors.

3) Writers of Cinemas, Novels, Short Stories, and Poetry.

4) People who work in NGOs.

5) People who work with children.

6) Psychological Counsellors who use the arts therapeutically.


Two Trainers would be collaborating regarding conducting this Workshop:


Dr Herb Propper, PhD in Theatre, and Psychodrama Director and Trainer.


Dr Eric Miller, PhD in Folklore, and MSc in Psychology.


Workshop Location

World Storytelling Institute /

East West Center for Counselling and Training,

No.7, "Kasturi Estate 3rd Street",

Muchachi Mansion, 3rd Floor.

Cathedral Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

(2 streets sea-ward from Stella Maris College.)


Workshop fee

Rs 700.  Advance registration is required. 



For additional info about,

and to register for, this Workshop:

98403 94282






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