"Storytelling by and for Adults,"

        inspired by Cafe Coffee Day.

                (Now via Zoom.)


This is a series of Open-mic

Storytelling sessions held (usually)

on the first Monday of each month


For the past seven years (starting in

2013), this series occurred in a Cafe

Coffee Day in Chennai.  


Now it is occurring via Zoom



Admission is free.


If you are not yet registered to

attend these sessions --

to register, please send an email to



Additional info about the series

is here.





                       Program for


               Monday 6th July 2020,

                   6:00pm India time


(If you are not in India, you could determine

the starting time in your time zone at

https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com )


                      Story topic:

         "An important conversation"



1) Martin Manasse, 6:00pm6:20pm. 

Story title: "The Princess Who Would

Not Speak" (a fairytale).

Story characters (in conversation):

Characters who believe women should

belong to men, and characters who

believe otherwise.


2) Sonia Bareja, 6:20pm6:30pm.

Story title: "An Event in the Bhagavad

Gita" (the story of an incident in an epic).

Story characters (in conversation):

Krishna and Arjuna.


3) Leena Kulkarni, 6:30pm6:40pm.

Story title: "Iswaran" (a fictional short

story by R. K. Narayan).

Story characters (in conversation):

Internal aspects of Iswaran, the story's

main character.


4) Nisha Ramakrishnan, 6:40pm6:50pm.

Story title: "The Unfortunate Son"

(the story of an incident in an epic).

Story characters (in conversation):

Karna and Kunti.


5) Radha Balaraman, 6:50pm7:00pm.                        

Story title: "A Conversation Between

a Husband and Wife" (a personal-

experience story).

Story characters (in conversation):

Radha and her husband.


6) Sangitaa Sehgall, 7:00pm7:10pm.

Story title: "The Faith of a Sparrow"

(the story of an incident in an epic).

Story characters (in conversation):

Krishna and a sparrow.


7) Belinda McKenna-Bicknell, 7:10pm7:20pm.

Story title: "An Unexpected Outcome"

(A personal-experience story).

Story characters (in conversation):

Belinda and a colleague.


8) Zarin M, 7:20pm7:30pm.

Story title: "My Guilt Trip" (an original

creative story, inspired by the book,

"The Truth about India's Manual


Story characters (in conversation):

Zarin and the son of a manual scavenger.


9) Barry Stewart Mann, 7:30pm7:40pm.

Story title: "The Silent Debate"

(A Jewish folktale).

Story characters (in conversation):

An emperor and a cobbler.


10) Meher Gehi, 7:40pm7:50pm.                      

Story title: "The Eyes Have It"

(a fictional short story by Ruskin Bond).

Story characters (in conversation):

A man and a woman.


11) Manoj Mani, 7:50pm8:00pm.

Story title: "A Conversation that Changed

the Course of a Cricket Match" (a story

about a real-life incident).

Story characters (in conversation):

Two players.


12) Eric Miller, 8:00pm8:10pm.

Story title: "President Donald Trump

and Dr Eric Miller have a conversation"

(an original creative story).

Story characters (in conversation):

President Donald Trump and Dr Eric Miller.