East West Center for Counselling and Training,

World Storytelling Institute, and

The Wandering Artist (cultural centre)




A Workshop for adults on

"Ways of using

Stories and Storytelling

to overcome Depression"


Workshop Date and Time

Sunday 8th Dec 2019.  10am - 1pm (3 hours).


The Workshop Poster is here.


Workshop Description

       Participants would practice and discuss methods of using stories and storytelling to overcome depression in themselves and/or in others.  Participants would be invited to tell, role-play, and discuss stories about their own and/or others' experiences of depression.  These stories could include proverbs, grandmother stories, cinema plots, and stories of historical figures.

       Possible causes of, prompts for, and constructive responses to, the instances of depression portrayed in these stories would be considered.  The use of symbols (including visual images) and sounds -- as well as of imaginary characters, situations, and actions -- to affect a person's mood would be explored. 

       Finally, participants would learn ways to

1) compose "anti-depressive" healing-and-inspirational stories for themselves, and/or

2) to assist their clients to compose such stories for themselves.


Workshop Pre-requisites

No training or credentials are required for participants of this Workshop.  The Workshop might be especially meaningful and useful for Psychological Counsellors and people considering entering this field, and generally for people interested in healing, personality development, and actualisation (fulfilling of potential) of oneself and others.


Bio-data of Workshop Leader, Dr Eric Miller

       Dr Eric was born and trained in Storytelling in NYC, trained in Folklore in Philadelphia, and trained in Psychology in Chennai. 

       Dr Eric has settled in Chennai, where he co-founded the World Storytelling Institute in 2007 (which he directs), the Indian Storytelling Network in 2011, the Chennai Storytelling Festival in 2013, and the Storytelling Therapy Association of India in 2019.  He is also the Assistant Director of the East West Center for Counselling and Training. 

       Links to 11 writings by Dr Eric relating to using stories and storytelling therapeutically are here.

       Dr Eric's personal website is

www.storytellingandvideoconferencing.com .


1) PhD in Folklore, University of Pennsylvania, 2010.

2) One-year course in Psychological Counselling, Chennai Counsellors Foundation, 2016.

3) MSc in Psychology, University of Madras, 2019.


Workshop Location

The Wandering Artist

No. 51, 6th Main Road, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai. 


Workshop fee

Rs 800.  Advance registration is required. 



For additional info about this Workshop:

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To register for the Workshop:

96772 33425






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