Chennai Storytelling Festival 2018

(Fri 2, to Sun 11 Feb 2018),

"Storytelling for Teaching, Training, and Healing:

Helping to Activate the Listener"



Newspaper (and other Media) articles --




"Learning through Stories: Sixth Edition

of Chennai Storytelling Festival is Here", , 29 Jan 2018,



"You Can Learn a Lot About a Culture

through Its Stories: Cathryn Fairlee",

Indian Express (Chennai section, page 1), 1 Feb 2018,



"Feminist Tales of Yore",

The Hindu (Metroplus section, page 4), 1 Feb 2018,



"Over 34 Storytellers to Attend

Chennai Storytelling Festival",

Indian Express (Indulge section), 2 Feb 2018,



"Listen Up",

The Hindu (Metroplus section, page 5), 5 Feb 2018,



"Storyteller Cathryn Fairlee Fuses Culture,

Dynamic Characters, and Folk to Create a Change",

Indian Express (Edex section), 6 Feb 2018,



"Stories Can Connect with Everyone",

The Hindu (Main section, page 2), 7 Feb 2018,



"Tattle Like a Grown-up",

The Hindu (Metroplus section, page 6), 9 Feb 2018,





The Chennai Storytelling Festival is presented by the

World Storytelling Institute in association with the Chennai Storytellers group and other individuals and organisations.


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