Chennai Storytelling Festival 2019


4 Storytelling Programs --

on Sat 2nd,

Thurs 7th,

Fri 8th, and

Sat 9th Feb 2019



Seats (Rs 150 per person, per program) could be purchased


1) at




2) by making a deposit into an account at Punjab National Bank (for details, please contact 98403 94282, ).




3) with cash on-the-spot -- if seats might be available.




The following 4 Storytelling Programs would occur at LS Hall, Loyola College.  4:30pm onward.


Sat 2nd Feb --

1) Stories about Stories and Storytelling" (45 minutes), by Ruth Stotter (of California, USA).

2) Chinese-Canadian Monkey Queen meets Indian Monkey King" (60 minutes), by Diana Tso and Rubena Sinha, who often perform together.


Thurs 7th Feb 2019, at Loyola College (LS Hall) --

1) SW Alvin.

2) Geetha Kailasam.

3) Samatha Sharma.

4) Sandhya Ruban.

5) K Shanmugasundaram (Shan).                       

6) Sudha Krishnan.  

7) Vasugi Ram Manohar.


Fri 8th Feb 2019, at Loyola College (LS Hall) --

1) Debarati Banerjee (Hyderabad).                      

2) Debjani Bhaduri.                                      

3) Indu Divya. 

4) Meera Venkatesan (Bangalore).

5) Priyanka Chatterjee (Kolkata)    .          

6) Shreya Biswas (Bangalore).     

7) Shylaja Sampath (Bangalore).


Sat 9th Feb 2019, at Loyola College (LS Hall) --

1) Anusha Ramasamy.

2) H Banumathy.       

3) Pretigaya Haran.                                      

4) Priti Sudarsan.

5) Rohini Vij (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh).      

6) Seema Mukherjee (New Delhi).                       

7) Sudha Umashanker.




There are numerous other Performance Programs, as well as Workshops and other events, in CSF 2019.


The full schedule of the Festival's 22 events is at





Regarding the programs on 7th, 8th, and 9th Feb:


Topic and type of story --


"Folktales (Grandmother stories) about strong, kind, and clever girls and women (or boys and men)".


Personal-experience stories, or any other type of story, would also be fine.


Stories could also relate to the value and benefits of diversity, on any level.


Story ideas are here. 




Stylised speech (including characters singing) and stylised movement are encouraged.


For audio-video examples of "Rhythm, Melody, and Rhyme in Storytelling Speech",  please click here.


The oral verbal-art techniques demonstrated there include:

1) Elongation of vowel sounds. 

2) Pauses.

3) Rhythm and melody in speech.

4) Repetition with variation (including making lists).






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