Chennai Storytelling Festival 2020

         (7th to 16th Feb 2020)


Hello! This webpage features some documentation

relating to CSF 2020. 


The Festival poster is here.






Photos of performances by approx

40 "CSF 2020 Storytellers" are here.





"The Power of Imagination", The Hindu,

Metro Plus section, page 3, 10th Feb 2020. 


This article is about the work of Laura Simms,

who taught a 4-session class on Performance

Storytelling in CSF 2020, on 10th-13th Feb 2020.





The CSF 2020 Videoconference Conversation

occurred on 11th Feb 2020. 

Topic: "Storytelling and Videoconferencing". 

The recording is here (64 minutes).


This is a fine companion to the CSF 2019

Videoconference Conversation. 

Topic: "Living, Thinking, and Telling Mythically". 

The recording is here (78 minutes).





On Thurs 13th Feb 2020, we had a

Seminar on "Ways of Using Storytelling

to Teach Various Subjects". 


Barry Stewart Mann -- in Atlanta, Georgia,

USA – kindly joined us via videoconference

and gave presentations relating to teaching

Math, and teaching about "Restorative



Regarding the latter topic, Barry told a

Tamil folk tale, "The Fish Brother," and

then led us in a wonderful role-play

relating to the story. 


Barry begins telling the story at 34:00.

The role-play process begins at 38:45,

and continues to the end of the recording

at 52:00.


The recording is here.


(Note: Zoom was used for all CSF 2019

2020 videoconferences.)






Info about some upcoming Storytelling

trainings -- in-person in Chennai, and

via videoconference -- being offered

by CSF director, Dr Eric Miller, is here.






This page was last updated on 18th Feb 2020.