Chennai Storytelling Festival 2019

(Friday 1st to Sunday 10th February 2019)



Marion Kenny



Marion Kenny ( ) is a storyteller, musician, dancer, and researcher.  She is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Marion is a TRACS Storyteller --

"Marion Kenny is one of Scotland’s leading storytellers, a highly regarded multi-instrumentalist, and an inspirational trainer."


TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland, )

is composed of

1) the Scottish Storytelling Centre

(including the Scottish Storytelling Festival),

2) the Traditional Music Forum of Scotland, and

2) the Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland.


Marion gives training in storytelling,   

Marion also plays (and teaches) Western flute, Chinese bamboo flute (Dizi), Chinese reed flute (Bawu), Balinese bamboo flute (Suling), Chinese harp (Guzheng), and piano.


Marion directs "Voices in Scotland"

( ), a project featuring musicians and storytellers from around the world who live and practice their arts in Scotland.





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