From: Dr Eric Miller (PhD in Folklore)

Director, World Storytelling Institute

98403 94282 (Chennai)



Online Recording of a Videoconference


20 March 2016 -- World Storytelling Day 2016


This was a videoconference for telling and discussing stories about Strong and Clever Girls and Women. 


To see-and-hear the recording of the videoconference, please click here.


Kathy Redman led the participants in a story-composing activity (based on a photo) beginning at 37:20.





Sonia Carmona, in Seville, Spain,


Asociación de Profesionales de la Narración Oral en España

(Association of Professional Oral Narrators in Spain),


Kathy Redman, in Syracuse, New York, USA.


Robin Bady, in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


Hope Lewis, in Maine.

President, LANES/Northeast Storytelling,

Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference, April 1-3, 2016, Amherst, MA


María Alejandra Gómez de la Torre, in Peru.


Deeptha Vivekanand, in Bangalore, India.

Host of a Bangalore Storytelling Society videoconference earlier on the same day!  A link to a recording of that videoconference is here.


Eric Miller, in Chennai, India.


The videoconference-webcast began at

9:30am Lima (Peru) time.

10:30am Boston (USA) time.

2:30pm Edinburgh (Scotland) time.

2:30pm London (England) time.

3:30pm Stockholm (Sweden) time.

3:30pm Madrid and Seville (Spain) time.

4:30pm İstanbul (Turkey) time.

8pm Chennai (India) time.


One of the activities in the videoconference was

that we composed a story inspired by a photograph.

The photo is posted at .


We imagined regarding questions such as,

In her lifetime --

What might she have done?

What challenges might she have faced?

How might she have responded to these challenges?

Where might she have lived?

What about her family and friends?

Who might she have known?


Thanks to those who e-mailed imaginings, comments, and questions to -- during the videoconference.  A number of your inputs were added to the conversation and story composing.







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