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Subject: Invitation to join the "Storytelling Therapy

Association of India"

From: Eric Miller <eric@storytellinginstitute.org>

Date: Sept 2019


Dear All,


It seems the time has come
to start the "Storytelling Therapy
Association of India" (STAI).

You are cordially invited to join.

Joining would simply consist of
your email ID being placed in 
this email group --

At present and for the foreseeable
future, no membership dues are
being requested.

The 20+ people who have attended
the first four editions of my "Storytelling
Therapy" course via Zoom video-
conference -- and anyone else who
might be interested in Storytelling
Therapy -- are most welcome to join
the "Storytelling Therapy Association
of India."

One has to have earned (at least)
a Masters degree in Psychology or

Social Work in order to provide

therapy/counselling. (Various

countries require additional training

and/or cerfication.)


However, anyone could use the

methods of Storytelling Therapy

for healing, training, and facilitating

self-awareness, self-actualisation,

creativity, imagination, etc.

The Association is based in India,
but anyone anywhere could join.




The Storytelling Therapy process

the STAI is especially developing

is described here.



Some of my writings relating to

Storytelling Therapy are,

"Giving Training in -- and Practicing --
a Form of Storytelling Therapy,
In-person and via Videoconference

" 'Symbols in Dreams and Myths':
A Response to The Shaman's Doorway
(1976) and The Mythic Imagination (1990) --
Two Books by Stephen Larsen

"Conversing with Characters within Oneself:

A Form of Therapeutic Role-playing and 

an Aspect of Storytelling Therapy."



Also, here.



Please let me know if you might like
to join the "Storytelling Therapy
Association of India."


Also, please let me know if you might

have any comments or questions

regarding the above.

Many thanks,

- Eric
Chennai (on India's southeast coast).

Dr Eric Miller
(PhD in Folklore, MSc in Psychology)
Mobile:  98403 94282

Email:  eric@storytellinginstitute.org

Director, World Storytelling Institute

Assistant Director,
East West Center for Counselling and Training,


Indian Institute of Psychodrama,