A World-Wide List of
Courses In and/or About Storytelling
Taught at Colleges and Universities


Last updated 2021

About this List:

Storytelling Studies can be thought of as an interdisciplinary field, or as a discipline unto itself.  For information about Storytelling Studies, please see 1) my Introduction (1998); 2) the Editorial Policy Statement of Storytelling, Self, and Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Storytelling Studies (2004); and 3) a founding article of Storytelling Studies, “Storytelling, Self, and Society: Once Upon a Time: An Introduction to the Inaugural Issue,” by Joseph Sobol, John S. Gentile, and Sunwolf (2004).

Storytelling can be defined as relating a series of events.  Some sort of co-presence of participants -- with instantaneous and ongoing feedback loops occurring between them -- is a crucial component of storytelling.

This list includes courses in many disciplines.  Many of the courses are taught by adjunct professors, and are not taught every semester.

I, Eric Miller, began this list in 1998.  Others, including Millie Jackson, have kindly tended it for periods, but this responsibility is once again mine, so please send updates and corrections to me at <eric+storytellinginstitute.org>.

Note:  A "+" is used instead of an "@" in the e-mail IDs with the intention of avoiding the IDs being spammed by some automatic system.



Parsifal College (a Rudolf Steiner training college), Sydney
PO Box 231
West Pennant Hills, 2125 Australia.
Phone: 61 2 9680 9533
Fax: 61 2 9680 9545
Courses include: Storytelling; Storytelling for Early Childhood Teachers; and Storytelling and Puppetry.

Southern Cross University
PO Box 157
Lismore, NSW 2480
Course: ENG 355 Storytelling.  Emphasizes the importance of storytelling as a method of transmitting culture.  Enables students to enjoy storytelling, and to prepare stories for, and tell stories to, children. 
School of Education, Distance Education.


University of Alberta, Edmonton.
School of Library and Information Studies.
3-20 Rutherford South
Edmonton, AB  T6G 2J4
Gail de Vos


Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's.
Dept. of Folklore.
St. John's, Newfoundland  A1C 5S7
Offers courses in folk literature, folk tales, and mythology.


Cape Breton University
Folklore (Community Studies)
P.O. Box 5300
1250 Grand Lake Rd.
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada  B1P 6L2
Afra Kavanagh 
Sponsors the annual UCCB Storytelling Symposium  http://faculty.cbu.ca/afrak/storytelling/default.htm


Artemis School of Speech and Drama
Perdue Centre for the Arts
West Hoathly Road,
East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4NF
Christopher Garvey, Director
Phone:  44 (0)1342 321330

Emerson College (Rudolf Steiner College)
School for Storytelling
Forest Row
East Sussex, RH18 5JX, England
Ashley Ramsden, Director
Courses are offered full time, part time, and on weekends.

University of Kent
School of Drama, Film and Visual Art
Canterbury CT2 7NB
Vayu Naidu
Courses related to performance and cinema.


Richard Martin
Offers teacher-training workshops in "Using Storytelling in the
Classroom" at various universities in Germany and other countries.


Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology.

Hyderabad, Telangana.

Email:  info@backstagepass.co.in

Website:  https://www.backstagepass.co.in

Phone:  +91-8008002794


Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology is an award-winning gaming college in India.  We are pioneers of gaming education in India with a decade-long experience in the Gaming Industry.  Our unwavering focus on comprehensive learning, teamwork, and practical learning promotes students’ growth to their full potential with the help of our industry-experienced mentors.  Our strong and long-lasting association with numerous eminent game companies in India enables us to offer the best in terms of internships and job opportunities.


Image College of Animation, Arts, and Technology.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Website:  http://www.icat.ac.in


University of Oslo
Folkloristikk, Institutt for Kulturstud (ABOUT).
(Instruction in Norwegian.)
P. A. Munchs hus, 4. et.
Postboks 1010 Blindern
0315 Oslo 12.30-15.45 (15)
Hogskolen i Oslo
Phone:  47 22 85 47 82
Phone:  47 22 85 59 43
Fax:  47 22 85 48 28
Faculty of Fine Arts and Drama.
Cort Adeliers, Marit Jerstad.
(Instruction in Norwegian.)
Phone:  47 22 45 34 00
Fax:  47 22 45 34 05


University of Glasgow
Crichton Campus
Rutherford McCowan Buildings
Dumfries DG1 4ZL
Tom Pow
Courses in storytelling offered through the Creative and Cultural Studies Program.


Lists of USA higher education Folklore and Folklife programs are kept by

American Folklife Center, USA, Library of Congress

American Folklore Society


University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Alaska Native Studies Program (ABOUT)
319 Brooks Bldg.
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6300
Fax: 907-474-5666
Courses relating to storytelling by members of indigenous cultures.


Glendale Community College
Russian Building 02, Room 121
6000 West Olive Avenue
Glendale Arizona 85302
Joyce Story
Course: The Art of Storytelling.

South Mountain Community College.
Storytelling Institute.
In the Communications and Fine Arts Division
7050 South 24th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85040
LynnAnn Wojciechowicz, Director <lynnann.woj+smcmail.maricopa.edu>,
Liz Warren <liz.warren+smcmail.maricopa.edu>.
Ricardo Provencio.
The Storytelling Program of Study involves six required courses and various electives.  Students need not be matriculated in a B.A. program.
Courses include:
The Art of Storytelling.
Life Stories.
Multicultural Folktales,.
Using Story in Educational Settings.
Using Story in Business Settings.
Using Story in Healing Settings.


Antelope Valley College
Communication Arts
3041 West Avenue K
Lancaster, California 93536
Debra Olson Tolar
661-722-6300 (ext. 6477)

California Polytechnic University
Department of Liberal Studies
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
Russell Swanagon
Course: LS310 Storytelling: Oral Traditions.

California State University, Los Angeles
Charter College of Education,
Division of Curriculum and Instruction
King Hall D2069
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Ambika Gopalakrishnan
Courses in Storytelling, and Digital Storytelling. 
Folklore Certificate in Storytelling: The certificate program in Storytelling is designed for persons with an interest in the techniques, theories, and literature associated with the ancient and modern art of storytelling.  The certificate is especially valuable for teacher use in language arts instruction and for improving communications skills; it can also be used effectively by librarians and recreation leaders.  This program is open to matriculated, upper division undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students.  Completion of this credit certificate program requires 32 units in core and elective courses.

Chapman University College
Professional Development Center
3001 Lava Ridge Court
Roseville, CA 95661
Susan M. Osborn

San Jose State University
Television, Radio, Film, Theatre
One Washington Sq.
San Jose, CA 95192-0098
Beverly Swanson
Course:  Theater Arts 131: Storytelling and Creative Dramatics.

Information Studies
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Virginia Walter
Phone: 310-206-9363
Course: Storytelling 220 GSE & IS


University of Denver

2199 South University Boulevard
Denver, CO 80208
Julie Herrerea
Course: Storytelling

University of Denver

College of Education
2450 South Vine St.
Denver, CO 80208
Phone: 303-871-2509 
Toll Free: 800-835-1607
Course: Storytelling


Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, CT 06050
Emily Chasse
Graduate course: Folktelling Art and Technique.
In the Graduate Reading and Language Arts Department. 
Several tales are performed and incorporated into each lecture.  Students learn to research tales, develop tale-related activities, and perform stories of many types.  Includes: Study of the history, art, and technique of storytelling.  The skills involved in mastering the art of storytelling are discussed in an effort to develop the student's competency in this oral tradition.  This course is designed to enable the student to build a personal repertoire of stories for performance.
Undergraduate course: Storytelling.
In the English Department

The Graduate Institute
171 Amity Rd.
Bethany, CT 06524
Wendy Cook, Robin Moore, John Miles Foley.
203-874-4252, 860-701-7708, 203-878-5939.
MA in Oral Traditions.
The Oral Traditions program examines storytelling from many different perspectives – integrating philosophy, psychology, and cultural anthropology with the study of literature, mythology, folklore, and history – and helps participants develop their communication skills.
History and Development of Oral Traditions.
Myth: Ancient and Modern.
Folktales and Culture.
Anthropology and Sociology and Oral Traditions.
Children’s Literature.
Spiritual and Religious Storytelling.
Oral Traditions and in School Curricula and Programs.
Therapeutic Processes of Orality.
Cultural Diversity and Unification through Oral Traditions.
Programs in Oral Traditions: Development and Operation.
Mentorship and Coaching.
Field Research.
Culminating Project.

Sacred Heart University
79 Elmhurst Ave.                        
Stratford, CT  06614 
Connie Rockman
Course: Storytelling, ED 571.                        
Course Description:
This course is designed to help students understand the power and importance of story as an educational tool.  Students will encounter a wide variety of stories from many different cultures, learn to identify resources for finding stories, develop skills in telling stories with ease and enthusiasm, and learn to evaluate the qualities that make stories age-appropriate for various grade levels.  Students will be encouraged to develop their own personal style of storytelling through class exercises and listening to professional storytellers in person and on tape.  We will also explore ways to integrate storytelling into many areas of the curriculum and to aid children in developing their own storytelling skills.

Southern Connecticut State University.
School of Communication, Information and Library Science.
501 Crescent St.
New Haven, CT 06575
Gwendolin Nowlan, Director.
Carol Birch, Jeri Burns, Heather Forest.
M.A. program in Oral Tradition
Courses include:
History and Development of the Oral Tradition.
Storytelling and Character Education.
Integrating the Oral Tradition into the Elementary Curriculum.
Integrating the Oral Tradition into the Middle and High School Curriculum.
Storytelling in Art and Legend.
Storytelling in Art and Technique.
Integrating the Oral Tradition into the Elementary Curriculum.
Fostering the Multiple Intelligences through the Oral Tradition.
History and Development of the Folktale in the Oral Tradition.
The Oral Tradition in Ancient and Modern Mythology.
Historical and Cultural Integration of Music and Oral Tradition.
Storytelling Coaching.
Storytelling Institute.
Multicultural Storytelling Institute.
Independent Study.

University of Bridgeport.
School of Education and Human Resources.
Carlson Hall
303 University Ave.
Bridgeport, CT  06604
Connie Rockman
Course: Storytelling for Teachers.
Course Description:
This course is designed to help students understand the power and importance of story as an educational tool.  Students will encounter a wide variety of stories from many different cultures, learn to identify resources for finding stories, develop skills in telling stories with ease and enthusiasm, and learn to evaluate the qualities that make stories age-appropriate for various grade levels.  Students will be encouraged to develop their own personal style of storytelling through class exercises and listening to professional storytellers in person and on tape.  We will also explore ways to integrate storytelling into many areas of the curriculum and to aid children in developing their own storytelling skills.

Florida Atlantic University
South Florida Storytelling Project
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Caren S. Neile
<cneile+fau.edu> or <carenina+bellsouth.net>


Kennesaw State University
Dept. of Theatre and Performance Studies
1000 Chastain Road, Box #3103
Kennesaw, GA  30144
John S. Gentile, Chair, <jgentile+kennesaw.edu>
Hannah B. Harvey, <hharvey3+kennesaw.edu>
Fax: 770- 423-6740
1) Storytelling I: Folktale and Legend.
The study of folk narrative forms of folktale and legend through storytelling performance.  Introduces student to folkloristics as a field of study; to the nature, structure, and function of narrative; and to the aesthetics, methods, and practices of the art of storytelling.
2) Storytelling II: Myth and Epic.
The study of folk narrative forms of myth and epic through storytelling performance.  Introduces students to the various approaches to the study and interpretation of world mythologies and to the aesthetics, methods, and practices of the art of storytelling.


University of Hawaii, Manoa
Department of Speech and Academy for Creative Media
2550 Campus Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96822
Chris Lee, Chair, Academy for Creative Media
Courses in Storytelling, and Story Theater.


Dominican University
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Crown 323
7900 West Division St.
River Forest, IL 60305
Janice M. Del Negro
Course: Storytelling for Adults and Children.

Northern Illinois University
School of Theatre Arts
Dekalb, IL 60115
Patricia Ridge

Northwestern University
Dept. of Theatre, in the School of Speech
Chicago and Evanston, IL
Rives Collins
Courses include: Adapting Folk Tales and Other Sources.
Intensive Coaching for Storytellers.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Graduate School of Library and Information Studies
501 East Daniel
Champaign, IL 61820
Kate McDowell
Betsy Hearne
Courses offered in person, and online through LEEP.


Indiana University
School of Library and Information Science
755 West Michigan Street, UL 3100N
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5195
Hope Baugh
Course: Workshop in Youth Services Librarianship, Storytelling, S603.  This is a special topics course, taught by several instructors around the state of Indiana.

Indiana University
Dept. of Folklore, M.A. and Ph.D. (ABOUT)
504 N. Fess
Bloomington, IN 47405
Richard Bauman


College of Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Iowa
Program in Literature, Science & the Arts
13-E North Hall
Iowa City, IA
Steve McGuire


Western Kentucky University
Folk Narrative (ABOUT)
Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Chris Antonsen


Lousiana State University
School of Library and Information Science
276 Coates Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Dr. Margie J. Thomas (Faculty Coordinator)


University of Southern Maine.
Center for the Study of Lives.
400 Bailey Hall
Gorham, ME  04038
Robert Atkinson
Teaching the telling of sacred stories.


Garrett Community College
166 Lodge Circle
Swanton, MD  21561
Gail N. Herman
Storytelling in education and business.

McDaniel College
School Media Program
Hill Hall
Westminster, MD 21157
Joanne Hay
Course: The Art of Storytelling.


Fitchburg State College
160 Pearl St.
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Laurie DeRosa, Chair of Education
Two courses:
Storytelling in the Curriculum (Education, Early Childhood).
Storytelling and Oral Tradition (English).
Through the Center for Professional Studies.

Harvard University.
Folklore and Mythology Department.
11 Prescott St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
The Folklore and Mythology Department offers many courses, including --
Course: The Art of the Storytelling,
Freshman Seminar, Catalog Number 7011 .
Deborah D. Foster
Course description:
Men and women tell stories to express the values found in experiences of everyday life. Based on storytelling traditions, each narrator shapes the story to reflect his or her own intentions, making it personally expressive as well as publicly meaningful to a particular audience. The course examines the nature of storytelling, its enduring appeal, and its ability to adapt to multiple new technologies (print, film, internet, etc.). Participants will engage in the storytelling process itself.

Lesley University
29 Everett Street
Cambridge, MA  02138 
Lisa Donovan
617-349-8740, and 800-999-1959 (ext. 8426)
The Creative Arts in Learning program,
Storytelling specialization.
MA, Master of Education degrees
(This program is offered at different locations throughout the country.)

Simmons College.
Graduate School of Library and Information Science.
Room P-204D
300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115
Maggie Bush
Course: Storytelling, LIS 423.
This course examines cultural origins and contemporary practices of oral storytelling. It explores the psychological and social value of stories and practical and ethical issues in selecting, adapting, and presenting story materials. Students observe and practice storytelling and develop a personal repertoire of stories. Readings, class discussion and exercises, and course assignments will acquaint them with a wide variety of story types, skills of story presentation, and the development of story programs.


Grand Valley State University
Dept. of Theater
Lake Superior Hall  121
Allendale, MI 49401
Karen Libman
Course:  CTH 300: Storytelling.

Wayne State University
Teacher Education Division
241 Education Bldg.
Detroit, MI 48202
Craig Roney
Graduate course in Storytelling, cross-listed with School of Information and Library Science.  Also offers special topics courses.


Metropolitan State University
Office for the Department of Communication, Writing, and the Arts
Suite 205, Energy Park Place
1380 Energy Lane
St. Paul, MN 55108
(Courses in Minneapolis and St. Paul)
Loren Niemi
Nancy Donoval 
Courses: Storytelling as a Modern Communications Art.
Storytelling as Presentation and Performance. 
(These courses are analytic and also give training in performance skills.)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
German, Scandinavian and Dutch
205 Folwell Hall
Minneapolis, MN
Jack Zipes
Courses: Storytelling, Critical Literacy, and Creative Drama.


University of Missouri-Columbia.
Center for Studies in Oral Tradition. (ABOUT)
66 McReynolds Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-2370
John Miles Foley, Director.
Fax: 573-884-0291


University of Nebraska, Omaha
Teacher Education
Kayser Hall 314
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182
Rita Paskowitz
Course: Storytelling and Education.


New England College
98 Bridge Street
Henniker, NH  03242
Meredith Bird-Miller, Assistant Professor of Education
Courses teach metods of storytelling, and methods of teaching storytelling skills to middle school students.


Department of Library and Information Science
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
4 Huntington St.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1071
Fax: 732-932-6916
Course: Traditions in Oral Narration.


New Mexico State University
Department of Management
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8003
David Boje
Courses on storytelling in business contexts.


Bank Street College of Education
Main Campus Location
610 West 112th Street
New York, NY 10025-1898
Nina Jaffe
Graduate courses include: Storytelling for Children; Folklore in the Classroom; and Human Development I -- Programming for Young Audiences.

Ithaca College
Speech Communication
422 Mueller
Ithaca, NY
Bruce Henderson

Palmer School of Library and Information Science
720 Northern Blvd.
Brookville, NY  11548-1300
Amy Spaulding
Courses include:  Storytelling and Folk Literature; and Myth and the Age of Information (the Roles of Story and Storytelling in the Modern World).

New York University
Dept. of Performance Studies
721 Broadway, 6th Floor
NY, NY  10003
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett.

Yeshiva University
Stern College for Women
525 West End Ave.
New York, NY  10024
Peninnah Schram


The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
School of Information and Library Science
215A Manning Hall
Chapel Hill, NC  27599
Brian Sturm
Course:  Principles and Techniques of Storytelling, INLS 121.

The University of North Carolina, Greensboro
22 McIver Bldg, Underground
University Speaking Center
Greensboro, NC  27403
Kim Cuny
Freshman Seminars:  Storytelling Across Culture.


Ashland University
Ashland, OH  44805
Deleasa Randall-Griffiths
Course: International Storytelling (offered by the Dept. of Communications, and the Dept. of Education).

Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210
Storytelling courses are offered through Freshman Seminars, Folklore, and Area Studies (such as, Near Eastern Language and Culture). 


Allegheny College
Meadville, PA  16335
Joshua Searle-White
Course:  Adventures, Mysteries, and Just Plain Lies: The Art of Telling Stories, FS 101.

Kutztown University
Performance Studies/Speech and Theatre (ABOUT)
15200 Kutztown Road
Kutztown, PA 19530
Deryl Johnson
Course: Speech Communication

University of Pennsylvania
Graduate Program in Folklore and Folklife
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Dan Ben-Amos

University of Pittsburgh 
School of Information Sciences
135 North Bellefield
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Course: Storytelling, LIS 2326.


East Tennessee State University
Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction
PO Box 70784
Johnson City, TN  37614-1709
Joseph Sobol, Director of Storytelling Program,
M.A. in Reading, with a Concentration in Storytelling
Courses include:
Basic Storytelling.
Advanced Storytelling.
Linguistics of Reading (section focusing on storytelling).
Historical and Psychological  Foundations of Storytelling (practicum).
Electives include Storytelling Institutes, Story Performance, and Special Topics courses. Thesis or Capstone Project options are available.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
School of Information Science
451 Comm UEB
Knoxville TN 37996
Tena Litherland
Course:  IS 576: Storytelling in the Library and Classroom.


University of North Texas.
School of Library and Information Sciences
Information Sciences Building, Room 216
P.O. Box 311068
Denton, TX 76203-1068
Elizabeth Figa
Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling.
SLIS 5440: Storytelling.
SLIS 5611: Advanced Storytelling.
The former course is offered each semester, 100% online; the latter course is also taught online, but has an optional on-site component, and is offered once a year.  For course descriptions, please see

West Texas A&M University
Department of Communication
WTAMU, Box 60754
Canyon, TX 79016
Dr. Trudy L. Hanson
Offers an undergraduate class in Storytelling and Puppetry, and a graduate seminar in the Art of Storytelling.  Also produces an annual storytelling festival, and sponsors an ongoing service learning storytelling project with Bushland Elementary School (near Amarillo, TX).


Goddard College
123 Pitkin Road
Plainfield, Vermont  05667
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Coordinator
MA in Individualized Studies, concentration in Transformative Language Arts.


George Mason University
Dept. of English
Robinson A439
4400 University Drive, MSN 3E4
Fairfax, VA 22030
Margaret R. Yocom
Folk Narrative and Storytelling.
Narratives of the Spirit World: The Lore of Ghosts and Fairies.


Shoreline Community College
Speech Communications: The Art of Storytelling
Humanities/Speech Communication
Room 5384, Upstairs in FOSS Bldg
Shoreline, Washington 98133-5696
Brooke Zimmers

Western Washington University
Woodring College of Education
Miller Hall  265
Bellingham, WA 98225
Rosemary Scott Vohs
Courses: Storytelling; Advanced Storytelling; and Reader’s Theatre in the Classroom.  Practical Field Applications: The Power of Storytelling in Action.  Summer workshops, and independent studies.


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Dept. of Theatre
PO Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Robin Mello
Storytelling course offered by the Dept. of Theatre (460), and the School of Information Studies.

University of Wisconsin, Madison
American Indian Studies Program
315 Ingraham Hall
1155 Observatory Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Courses in American Indian Oral Literature.


University of Glamorgan
Dept. of Drama
Pontypridd, Wales UK CF37 1DL
Mike Wilson
Phone:  44 (0)1443 482693
Courses are offered through the Dept. of Drama, and Continuing Education.  There are opportunities for independent study at the graduate level.