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One-Day Workshop: "Introduction to Storytelling, and Coaching Your Storytelling"

Day and time:

Sunday, 16 November 2008, 10am to 5pm. 

Please see above. 

Workshop description:
The Workshop will feature a combination of 1) presentations about the history, methods, and ideas of the Modern Storytelling Movement, also know as the Storytelling Revival, 2) the showing of video recordings of storytellers and storytelling organisations from around the world, 3) storytelling warm-up activities (for individuals and groups), and 4) coaching participants' storytelling.

We will use and modify performance and learning exercises which have become classics in the Modern Storytelling Movement.

This Workshop is an introduction to the world of storytelling, opening up such topics as storytelling in everyday conversation; storytelling by parents and teachers for children; uses of storytelling in coaching and counselling; and storytelling in corporate environments, and for lawyers, doctors, etc.  The Workshop also aims to help participants develop their public speaking and general communication skills.

Each participant is encouraged to please come with a traditional story, or an episode from such a story, in mind.  In the course of the Workshop, participants will have the opportunity to tell this story to the group, perhaps paying special attention to certain episodes or aspects of it.  The Workshop leaders will seek to help participants uncover hidden meanings in these stories, as well as help tellers to develop their styles of performance.

Video recording of participants and playback can be used in the coaching process.

This is a workshop for adults and teenagers.  Teachers, parents, performers, business communicators, and all others are most welcome.  No previous theatre, public speaking, or formal storytelling background is necessary.  The Workshop will be held mostly in English, with some Tamil and other languages.  The Workshop fee is Rs 700 (this includes a veg lunch).  Workshop size is limited, so advance registration and payment is recommended.

Many thanks!

Eric Miller
Jeeva Raghunath

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