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Workshop: "Storytelling for Parents and Children Together"

Day and time:
Sunday, 15 June 2008.   Please come by anytime 10am-5pm, and stay as long as you like.

Please see above. 

Workshop description:
This is a workshop for parents and children together.  The Workshop will feature
1) Introductory comments about storytelling,
2) Drawing and painting Story Maps by participants,
3) Storytelling by participants, and
4) Coaching of, and discussion about, the storytelling. 

Each parent-child team is encouraged to come and -- in front of the group -- tell-and-listen-to one or more of their favorites stories, from a book or just spoken.  Parents can be the tellers, and so can the children.  In a safe and supportive atmosphere, we -- Eric and Jeeva, and the other Workshop participants -- will listen and watch, and may make suggestions to help make the storytelling process even more enjoyable.

Topics will include: 

Where to find stories:
1) Traditional stories.
2) Personal experience stories.
3) Made-up stories.

Ways to improvise, add to the story, elaborate, make spin-off stories, and make it up as you go along.  However, sometimes a child likes a story to be told exactly same way every time.  We'll explore both approaches.

Using special voice styles and body movements when playing characters.

Ways to talk about a story with a child.  Should one tell a child what a story's moral is, or is it best to let the child discover it him/herself?

A number of storybooks for children will be on hand for demonstration purposes.  We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of illustrations in storybooks.  We will ask what the children like in this area.

Video recording and playback will be available for the coaching process, for those who would like it.

English and Tamil languages.  The Workshop fee is Rs 200 per parent-child team. 

Many thanks!

For further information, please contact
Eric <>, 98403 94282, or
Jeeva <>, 99401 80380.

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