Chennai Storytelling Festival 2021:

The Healing Power of Story,

Storytelling, and Story-enacting

( CSF2021-HPSx3 )


1) Sat 6th - Sun 7th      

2) Sat 13th - Sun 14th            

3) Sat 20th - Sun 21st  

4) Sat 27th - Sun 28th




The below is in India time. 

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1) Sat 6th - Sun 7th Feb 2021


Sat 6th Feb


6:30pm - 8:00pm (Sat 6th Feb, India time).        

Workshop: "The Transformational Magic

of Play, Creativity, and Ritual in Storytelling."

Play, ritual, and creativity can increase the

magic of storytelling.  Come help ignite the

magic at the start of the Festival.  Creating

a connected, expanded, playful space, allows

spirit to live in us, so that stories touch, heal,

strengthen, or renew.  We will play with various

elements.  Please bring to the session as

many of these as you can:  1) A candle, or a

packet of birthday candles.  2) A box of matches.

3) A small cake or muffin.  4) A flower.  5) Water.

6) Ice.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo (Oslo, Norway).


8:00pm - 9:30pm (Sat 6th Feb, India time).

Workshop: "The Story Within: Myth and Fairy Tale in Therapy."

This workshop introduces participants to

"The Story Within: Myth and Fairy Tale in Therapy,"

an arts based therapeutic approach that involves

a creative and reflective relationship with a character

and story.  Yehudit Silverman (MA, R-DMT, RDT)

developed this approach out of her 25 years of

clinical practice and teaching it to graduate students

at Concordia University where she was Chair and

Professor in the Department of Creative Arts Therapies.

She will lead participants through a series of reflective

and creative exercises.

Yehudit Silverman (Montreal, Canada).


9:30pm - 11:00pm (Sat 6th Feb, India time).

Workshop: "The Power of Telling: High School

Students Grow and Heal While Telling Their Stories"

(for adults who work with high school students).

Norah Dooley (Massachusetts, USA).


11:00pm - 1:00am (Sat 6th / Sun 7th Feb, India time). 


1) 11:00pm-11:20pm (Sat 6th Feb) -- Roopa Mohan (California, USA).

2) 11:20pm-11:40pm (Sat 6th Feb) -- John Richardson (California, USA).

3) 11:40pm-Midnight (Sat 6th Feb) -- Vasugi Ram Manohar (Chennai).


End of Saturday / Beginning of Sunday (India time).


Sun 7th Feb   


4) Midnight-12:20am (Sun 7th Feb) -- Apoorva Dheekaw (New Delhi).

5) 12:20am-12:40am (Sun 7th Feb) -- Shital Rayathatha (Chennai).

6) 12:40am-1:00am (Sun 7th Feb) -- Latha Vydianathan (Hyderabad).


1:00am - 2:00am (Sun 7th Feb, India time).

Storytelling and Resonations Session.

(Baya) Beatrice Salmon-Hawk (Ireland).

Story: "Inanna."

The session leader would tell a story, and then

all could share "resonations" -- thoughts, feelings,

and experiences raised by the telling of the story.


2:00am - 4:30am (Sun 7th Feb, India time).       


1) 2:00am-2:20am -- Vernyce Dannells (Delaware, USA).

2) 2:20am-2:40am -- Eva Grayzel (New York, USA).

3) 3:00am-3:20am -- Karen Golden (California, USA).

4) 3:40am-4:00am -- Richard Swanson (Michigan, USA).

5) 4:00am-4:20am -- Kevin Cordi (Ohio, USA).


4:30am - 6:00am (Sun 7th Feb, India time).

Workshop: "Using Therapeutic Stories with Children,

Teenagers, and Adults."

In this Workshop, we will explore the potential

of the genre of therapeutic stories …

stories to soothe, help, motivate, give hope, and

build resilience (with children, teens, and adults).

A range of examples of therapeutic stories for 

people of different ages will be shared, a therapeutic

story-writing framework will be introduced, and

participants will be guided through a story-making

exercise.  There will also be time for discussion.

Susan Perrow (near Sydney, Australia).


6:00am - 8:30am (Sun 7th Feb, India time). 


1) 6:00am-6:20am -- Sandhya Ruban (Chennai).

2) 6:20am-6:40am -- Alma Dhingra (Gurugram).

3) 7:00am-7:20am -- Sikha Gurung (Nepal).

4) 7:20am-7:40am -- Mee. Pandiarajan (Chennai).

5) 8:00am-8:20am -- Poonam Joshy (Bangalore).


8:30am - 10:00am (Sun 7th Feb, India time).

Workshop: "Exploring Stories through Process

Drama and Restorative Justice."

Barry Stewart Mann (Atlanta, USA).


10:00am - 11:30am (Sun 7th Feb, India time).

Workshop: "Narrative Therapy: The smallest

of actions that set off people’s preferred stories’"

In this workshop David Newman will speak

about some of the forces that can serve to

dishonour, dismiss or obscure such action.

He will then share some options for honouring

such actions and ways to build preferred


     As Michael White, one of the originators

of Narrative Therapy, said when referring to

what people and communities do in the face

of trauma, "People are never passive recipients

to trauma.  People are always responding to

what they have been put through."  Yet there

are many ways action and responses people

make to address trauma in their lives can get

dishonoured, dismissed or obscured and

therefore potential preferred storylines lost.

David Newman (Sydney, Australia).


11:30am - 1:30pm (Sun 7th Feb, India time). 


1) 11:30am-11:50am -- Ramya Srinidhi (Bangalore). 

2) 11:50am-12:10pm -- Geethanjali Javed (Chennai).

3) 12:10pm-12:30pm -- Renu Narayan (Chennai). 

4) 12:30pm-12:50pm -- Sonia Bareja Punhani (New Delhi).

5) 12:50pm-1:10pm -- Parul Kansara (Hyderabad).

6) 1:10pm-1:30pm -- Rinah Sheleff (Israel).


1:30pm - 3:00pm (Sun 7th Feb, India time).

Workshop: "Movement and Storytelling."

Smita Rajan (Mumbai).                   


3:00pm - 4:30pm (Sun 7th Feb, India time).


1) 3:00pm-3:20pm -- Radha Balaraman (Chennai).

2) 3:20pm-3:40pm -- Marijana Mrvos (Croatia).

3) 3:40pm-4:00pm -- Rona Barbour (Scotland).

4) 4:00pm-4:20pm -- Sudha Umashanker (Chennai).


4:30pm - 5:00pm (Sun 7th Feb, India time).

Dream-sharing and Discussion Session.

Attendees would be invited to tell dreams

they have had.  Some dreams might be


     One topic of discussion would be:

"In what ways could telling stories -- including

dreams -- assist, stimulate, and support healing



5:00pm - 6:30pm (Sun 7th Feb, India time).

Healing Story Circle.

Led by Ramya Iyer (Bangalore).    


6:30pm - 6:50pm (Sun 7th Feb, India time).

Tea and Coffee Break.


6:50pm - 9:30pm (Sun 7th Feb, India time).


1) 6:50pm-7:10pm -- Sharada Ryali (Hyderabad).

2) 7:10pm-7:30pm -- Allison Quaid (Germany).

3) 7:30pm-7:50pm -- Sandhya Naren (Mangalore).

4) 7:50pm-8:10pm -- Leena Kulkarni (Pune).

5) 8:10pm-8:30pm -- Elisa Pearmain (Massachusetts, USA).

6) 8:30pm-8:50pm -- Dimple Tahilramani (Pune).

7) 8:50pm-9:10pm -- Bandan Preet Mahajan (New Delhi).

8) 9:10pm-9:30pm -- Judith Heineman (New York, USA). 

9) 9:30pm-9:50pm -- Angela Halvorsen Bogo (Norway).

10) 9:50pm-10:10pm -- Sanjeev Kumar Singhal (Nepal).













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