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Storytelling Therapy

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2) "An 8-step Storytelling Therapy Process (inspired by Carl Jung's 3-step Therapy Process)," by Eric Miller,


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14) Metaphor Therapy,


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by Eric Miller,

The unedited version is at






19) "Storytelling Workshop, Handout" (20 pages), by Eric Miller

(metaphors are listed and discussed on pages 8-10),


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21) "Links to Folktales (Animal Fables, Fairytales, etc) written in English," gathered by Eric Miller,






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25) "Notes: Ways to Talk Clients through Creating and Drawing a Story: The '6-part Story Method' and Variations," by Eric Miller,







"Finding Joe" (80 minutes).

An introduction to the work of Joseph Campbell,

author of Hero with a Thousand Faces.




Talks by Dr Eric –



East West Center for Counselling and Training (Chennai).

Dr Eric talks about "Using Storytelling to Improve Mental Health".

The recording is here.

(10 minutes) (10th Oct 2020, World Mental Health Day)



Health O Mind (Bangalore)

Dr Eric is interviewed about Storytelling Therapy.

The recording is here.

(57 minutes) (17 Oct 2020)



Sydney Centre for Creative Change (Sydney),

Dr Eric gives an Introduction to Storytelling Therapy.

The recording is here.

(55 minutes – the talk begins at 3:55) (19 July 2021)



Thunai (Mumbai)

Dr Eric gives an Introduction to Storytelling Therapy.

The recording is here.

(1 hour, 35 minutes) (8th Oct 2022)