World Storytelling Institute




Storytelling Clubs

for Teenagers

Meeting via Videoconference

(Skype, Google, etc).



This is a Workshop in Storytelling, Theatre, and Creative Writing (poetry, plays, and short stories).


Storytelling is a form of Public Speaking that also at times may involve Acting (when one acts-out characters).


These sessions might help participants to improve their abilities to express their thoughts and feelings in eloquent, articulate, organised, and effective ways.


Groups for boys, groups for girls, and mixed groups.


Workshop Fee

Rs 500 per session, per participant.  One can attend (and pay for) one session, and then decide whether or not to continue.  If one does continue, one joins for 8 sessions at a time.


Two articles about our Storytelling classes via videoconference are:

"Learn to Tell Tales with Online Classes", Deccan Chronicle, Chennai Chronicle section,  page 21 (21 May 2015), and 

"Storytelling via Interactive Video?", Indian Express, City section, page 3 (19 May 2016).


For additional info and to register:

(Chennai) 98403 94282




Workshop Coordinator

Dr Eric Miller

Director, World Storytelling Institute


Dr Eric Miller was born and raised in New York City.  He was trained by professional storytellers in NYC, and earned a PhD in Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania (in Philadelphia).  He has settled in Chennai, where he lives with his wife (Psychological Counsellor) Magdalene Jeyarathnam, and their 9-year-old daughter.  He is near-completing a Masters degree in Psychology, and is helping to develop the field of Storytelling Therapy.       


Dr Eric's Life Narrative is here, and his CV is here.


A review of one of his storytelling performances for children is here.


An article about his storytelling work with children is here.


A report by two teenage Storytelling-Instructor Trainees regarding the WSI's 2013 "Storytelling Summer Camp for Children" that they helped to lead is here.


His writings include,

"Storytelling and Story-listening, and Children's

Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Development".


"Ways Storytelling Can Be Used for Teaching-



Dr Eric's Storytelling Workshop for adults is described here.


Links to recordings of videoconferences in which Dr Eric helped to lead Storytelling-related discussions are here.


For more about Dr Eric's approach to Storytelling, one might glance through his personal webpage (including links to over 60 of his writings),


the webpage of the NGO he directs, .