Workshop on

"Therapeutic Uses of Stories and Storytelling

(Storytelling Therapy)"



Workshop Description:


The time has come for Storytelling Therapy to take its place alongside Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Visual Art Therapy, and all of the other Arts Therapies.  This Workshop is an experiential introduction to the emerging field of Storytelling Therapy.


Participants would work with a wide range of types of stories, including Personal-experience stories (such as the story of one's life, and stories about eye-opening experiences), Grandmother stories (including episodes of epics), and stories participants might make up (based on memories, dreams, and imagination). 


Stories present models of the past, and models for the future.  Storytelling Therapy utilises Narrative Psychology.  


Storytelling can be defined as relating of a series of events to one or more people.  Ways in which the process of storytelling can be therapeutic would be explored in this Workshop.  Two aspects of storytelling are Narrating, and Acting (speaking and moving as characters).  The Workshop would feature speaking/chanting/singing and movement activities.   


Storytelling Therapy involves exploration of, discovery of, and connection with self, others, and the universe, perhaps leading to transformation and healing.


By beginning to use these methods with themselves, participants could also begin to learn ways to use these methods with others.  In Storytelling Therapy, both the therapist and the client tell stories.  This Workshop might be especially interesting to people who are, or who might wish to become, Psychological Counsellors.  The Workshop might also be useful for Life Coaches, Life-skills Trainers (in Human Resource contexts), Teachers, Special Education Teachers (including in relation to Hyperactivity / Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, and Autism), and Parents.



About the Workshop Leader


Dr Eric Miller is a native New Yorker, transplanted to Chennai.  He studied with and worked for numerous professional storytellers in New York City, and completed a PhD in Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).  In NYC, he taught courses in Essay Writing, Writing about Literature (Poetry, Short Stories, and Drama), Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Storytelling at St. John’s University, Fordham University, and New York University.  In Chennai, he has taught at IIT-Madras, the University of Madras (Dept of Journalism and Communication), and the Image College of Animation, Arts, and Technology.  


Dr Eric co-founded and directs the World Storytelling Institute, (the WSI is an NGO founded in Chennai in 2007).  Dr Eric's general Storytelling Workshop for adults is described here.  Approximately 60 of Dr Eric's writings can be found at his personal website, . 


In recent years, Dr Eric has developed an interest in Storytelling Therapy, and is near-completing a Masters degree in Psychology (at the University of Madras).  He has completed a year-long course in Counselling offered by the Chennai Counselors Foundation.  Dr Eric is married to Ms Magdalene Jeyarathnam, a Psychological Counsellor.  She is the Director, and he is the Assistant Director, of the East West Center for Counselling and Training.


Dr Eric can be contacted at,

98403 94282



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