World Storytelling Institute




"Developing a Culture of



3-day Storytelling Workshop on:

1) Storytelling.

2) Storytelling for Personality Development.

3) Storytelling for Teaching and Learning.



Dates: Tues 10, Wed 11, Thurs 12 July 2018.


Timing:  10am-4pm daily.


This Workshop is designed for all Adults, especially Educators, Psychological Counsellors, and Parents.


(Versions of this Workshop are also available for Teachers at Schools.)


Workshop Location: 14, Second Ave, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai.


Directions: On Harrington Road, turn at "French Loaf"

onto Second Ave. No 14 is near the end of Second Ave

on one's right.


Workshop fee: Rs 5,000.  (Tea would be provided.)


Workshop Trainer:

Dr Eric Miller.




This 3-day Workshop would include training in:


1) Coaching participants to improve their own storytelling abilities.


2) Coaching participants to help others to improve their storytelling abilities.


3) Finding and creating stories to teach-and-learn various subjects.


4) Using storytelling to increase empathy and compassion, and to otherwise develop one's own and others' personalities in positive ways.




Storytelling is a form of Public Speaking that may also at times involve Acting (when one speaks and moves as characters).


Storytelling can be done for a number of reasons, including to develop peoples'

1) Expressive abilities and communication skills.

2) Logical and creative thinking abilities.




The Workshop 's primary Trainer would be

Dr Eric Miller (PhD in Folklore),

Director, World Storytelling Institute,


Dr Eric's CV is here,

and his Life Narrative is here.


Links to approx 65 of Dr Eric's writings can be found at his personal website, .

Most of these writings concern "Tamil Nadu", "Storytelling", "Storytelling Therapy", and "Videoconferencing".


Links to 13 of Dr Eric's writings concerning Storytelling in relation to Language Acquisition, Teaching-and-learning, and Personality Development are here.




Writings by Dr Eric relating to Storytelling for Teaching and Learning --


1) "Storytelling and Interactive Education".


2) "Notes: Storytelling Workshop for Teachers".


3) "Ways Storytelling can be used for Teaching-



4) "Ways Verbal Play such as Storytelling and

Word-games can be Used for Teaching-and-

learning Languages".




Writings by Dr Eric relating to Storytelling for Personality Development --


"Story and Storytelling in Storytelling Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy".


"Fairytale Therapy: A Type of Storytelling Therapy".




Links to recordings of 18 videoconferences Dr Eric has co-facilitated are here.  (Please see for a sense of Dr Eric's teaching style.)


Links to 71 newspaper (etc) articles relating to Dr Eric's work are here.




One recommended place to stay is

New Woodlands Hotel.


New Woodlands Hotel is a 10-minute drive to/from Marina Beach, making morning and evening strolls beside the ocean convenient.


The Workshop location is a 25-minute drive from New Woodlands Hotel.




For additional info about the Workshop,

and to Register:

98403 94282