Chennai Storytelling Festival 2015

"Storytelling for Teaching and Training"



The 3rd annual Chennai Storytelling Festival.

Presented by the World Storytelling Institute and Others.


Twelve Days! -- Wed 4, to Sun 15 Feb 2015



The Festival would be Inaugurated at the British Council on Wed 4 Feb at 5:30pm, followed by a free Storytelling performance.  All are welcome!


The first 10 days of the Festival (4 Wed, to 13 Fri Feb 2015) would feature -- at Chennai Schools, Colleges, and NGOs --


1) Workshops (of varying durations),


2) A Talk on educational uses of a Tamil epic.


3) A Panel Discussion on "Using Storytelling to Teach Languages".


4) Performances (including on the evenings of Thurs 12, Fri 13, and Sat 14 Feb, at Alliance Francaise).


5) The final Rounds of a Storytelling Contest (sections for children, teens, and adults; in English and Tamil).



Workshop topics would include,

1) "Using Storytelling to Engage with, and to Emotionally and Intellectually Stimulate, Special Needs Children" (relating to autism, cerebral palsy, and other conditions).

2) "Using Storytelling to Teach Languages".

3) "Using Storytelling to Teach about Environmental Sciences".

4) "Using Storytelling to Teach any Academic Subject".

5) "Using Storytelling to Give Training in Debating and other Forms of Public Speaking".

6) "Using Storytelling to Give Training in Soft Skills and Communication Skills in Business Settings (including regarding Leadership, Decision-Making, and Team-Building)".



Participating Storytelling Trainers/Performers/Scholars include,


From Beyond India,



Richard Martin


Canada (Toronto)

Brenda Beck



Kiran Shah


From India,



Usha Venkatraman



Deepa Kirin



Geeta Ramanujam  

Sowmya Srinivasan

Aparna Athreya

Ameen Haque

Deeptha Vivekanand



Chennai-based Members of the Indian Storytelling Network

and others



On 14 Sat and 15 Sun Feb,  the Festival would end with a free two-day Seminar at the University of Madras (Chepauk campus), approx 10am-5pm each day.  The co-hosting Depts are Communication and Journalism, Anthropology, and English Literature.


This two-day Seminar would consist primarily of "Panel Discussions, with Descriptions and Demonstrations of Methods" on "Storytelling for Teaching and Training" in relation to

1) Special Needs Children (Sat morning).

2) Children (Sat afternoon).

3) Adults (Sun morning).

4) Teenagers (Sun afternoon).


Two additional Panel Discussions would be:


1) "Ways NGOs and Corporate Social Responsibility Depts Have Used, and Could Use, Storytelling in Community Projects".


2) "Storytelling and the Other Arts in Education: Contributions India's Traditional Storytelling Culture Could Make to Today's Education System".  These findings and suggestions would be submitted to the State Education Dept.


Nearby the Seminar Hall, there would be a "Storytelling-Related Activity Room for Children", in which children of people attending the Seminar could stay.  In this Room, books, board games, and other Storytelling-Related products would be on display, and could be used and purchased.






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