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Chennai Storytelling Festival 2015

(4-15 Feb)!

"Storytelling for Teaching and Training"




4) Storytelling Workshops Available at Your School, College, NGO, etc.


Available days and times for the following Trainers/ Workshops are listed here.


These Workshops could be for students and/or teachers.  Workshop durations could be 45, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.


As a special promotion during Chennai Storytelling Festival 2015, most of the Trainers listed below would conduct their Workshops in/near mid-Chennai for an honourarium of approx Rs 2,000.


If you might be interested to bring one of these Trainers to your School, College, NGO, etc, during the Festival Week (Fri 6 to Thurs 12 Feb), please contact the Festival Office (98403 94282, ), or contact the Trainer directly.




1) Dhara Kothari (Mumbai).

2) Asha Sampath (Chennai).

3) Debjani Badhuri (Chennai).

4) Indu Divya (Chennai).

5) Lavanya Srinivas (Chennai).

6) Priya Palanikumar (Chennai).

7) Dr Pushpanagini Sripada (Chennai).

8) Sandhya Ruban (Chennai).

9) K Shanmugasundaram (Shan) (Chennai).

10) Sheetal N (Chennai).

11) Sudha Umashankar (Chennai).

12) Vasugi Ram Manohar (Chennai).

13) Vikram Sundarraman and Dr G Shankar (Chennai).






Dhara Kotari (Mumbai) --

Workshop: "Using a Storytelling Game to Make-up Stories, and Telling Stories with Audience-participation".

For people of all types and ages.





Asha Sampath (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Using Storytelling to Teach Math, Science, and Language".

For teachers, parents, and others who work and play with children.





Debjani Badhuri (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Using Storytelling to Inculcate a Sense of Humour in Children, and Also to Help Them Develop a Sense of Positivity, and Overcome Shyness".

This Workshop would focus on the use of body language -- such as facial expressions, posture, gestures, and styles of movement.  We would develop stories on topics such as recycling, avoiding air, land, and water pollution, achieving cleanliness and good hygiene, and physical features of India.  Once children begin thinking about stories they often, with lot of zeal, start imagining stories involving small things they come across.

For parents and teachers of children approx 6-10 years old.





Indu Divya (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Public Speaking and Storytelling -- Using Storytelling to Win Over Your Audience".

A) For teenagers.

B) For adults.





Lavanya Srinivas (Chennai) --


Workshop: "Storytelling in the Montessori Classroom".

For teachers and parents of young children.


Workshop: "Storytelling with Music and Dance for and by Children  with Special Needs".

For teachers and parents of children with Special Needs.


Workshop: "Creating your Personality and Future Through Personal-experience Storytelling".

A) For Teenagers.

B) For teachers and parents of teenagers.


Workshop: "Solving Problems and Resolving Conflicts through Story Making and Storytelling in the Corporate Context".

A) For adults.

B) For trainers of adults.





Priya Palanikumar (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Using Storytelling to Explore Ethical Reasoning and Stereotyping".

The stories would concern logic, and choices made while facing moral predicaments and everyday stereotyping.

For teenagers and adults.





Dr Pushpanagini Sripada (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Storytelling Techniques for Improving the Speaking Skills of College Students and Professionals".

For instructors of college students, and trainers of adults.





Sandhya Ruban (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Using Traditional Stories Featuring Riddles and Open Endings to Foster Creative Thinking in Young Adults".

For teenagers.





K Shanmugasundaram (Shan) (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Using Storytelling to Teach-and-learn About and Apply Science and Technology".

A) For teachers, parents, and any other adults who might be interested.

B) For teenagers.





Sheetal N (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Using Storytelling to Teach Math".

For teachers and parents of both Special Needs children and children in general.





Sudha Umashankar (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Using Storytelling to Teach History to Young People". 

A) For teachers, parents, and any other adults who might be interested.

B) For teenagers





Vasugi Ram Manohar (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Using Storytelling to Help Young Children Develop Their Communication Skills".

Many parents come to my weekly Storytelling sessions saying, "My child is shy in the classroom, or sometimes refuses to answer the teacher in class, or is introverted and sometimes refuses to socialize with other classmates - and can you help them with these issues?" I think Storytelling offers an excellent solution, because once a child wants to tell a story in class, the child loses her inhibitions and is communicative and very social.

The Workshop would focus on

1. Effective ways of telling stories to young children.

2. Using props and puppets to bring characters to life.

3. Drawing characters and episodes of stories.

4. Role-playing, and making-up dialogue.

5. Narrating in sequence.

6. Discussing the story in a group.

For parents, pre-school teachers, and anyone else who might be interested.





Vikram Sundarraman and Dr G Shankar (Chennai) --

Workshop: "Celebrating Diversity and That Which Cannot be Labeled: Using Storytelling to Explore Experiences Relating to Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Other Identity Issues".  (For people over 18 years of age.)








Regarding the Storytelling and Public Speaking Workshop:


For aditional info, please send an e-mail to Indu Divya at ,  or call the Storytelling Festival Office at 98403 94282.








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