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"The Effects of Storytelling Experiences on Vocabulary Skills of Second Grade Students", by Gail Froyen. MA Research Paper, Library Science Department, University of Northern Iowa. 1987.

Second grade students at Lowell School, Waterloo, Iowa, were taught storytelling techniques and given opportunities to practice these techniques for 35-40 minutes per week for six months. This activity was conducted in small groups (8-9 students in each group, with 43 students total). After six months, these students significantly increased their performance on vocabulary and reading comprehension tests.


"Evaluation Report Of Storybridge Program 2004-05", by M. Parks and D.S. Rose.  U.S. Department of Education’s Arts in Education, Model Development and Dissemination Program.  2005.


"A Qualitative Case Study of Natural Storytelling Strategies Used at the Nantahala School", by Nancy J. Reeder. MA thesis, Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, Eastern Tennessee State University. 2009.


"Reading, Writing, and Storytelling: A Bridge from the Preschool to the Middle School", by Joseph Sanacore and Al Alio. 2007.


"Storytelling and Story Reading: A Comparison of Effects on Children’s Memory and Story Comprehension", by Matthew P. Gallets. MA thesis, Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, East Tennessee State University. 2005.

The population studied consisted of kindergarten, first, and second grade students. Half the students were read stories aloud, the other half were told the same stories by a storyteller. Students in both the reading and storytelling groups improved on most measures. However, on some measures, notably those regarding recall ability, students in the storytelling group improved more than students in the reading group.


"Telling the Stars: A Quantitative Approach to Assessing the Use of Folk Tales in Science Education", by Margaret B. Meyers. MA thesis, Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, Eastern Tennessee State University. 2005.

This research examined the impact of paired folk tales and science explanations on students in third through sixth grades. The audience consisted of over 3,500 students in eight locations in the United States. The research revealed that there was a significant increase among the students in positive attitude toward science after the presentations.


"Thinking and Doing Literature: An 8-Year Study", by Judith A. Langer. English Journal, v87, n2, pp16-23. Feb 1998.





Other Articles Relating to

Storytelling and Education


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Can Be Used for Teaching-and-learning Languages
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All of the above are by Dr Eric Miller, World Storytelling Institute.




"Telling Stories in the Classroom: Basing Language Teaching on Storytelling", by Richard Martin. 2015.


"Guidelines for Teaching with Storytelling". USA National Council of Teachers of English. 1992.


"Language Development Through Stories", an interview with Dr Gita Jangid. 2014.


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"Humanising the Teaching of Physics through Storytelling: The Case of Current Electricity", by Yanni Hadzigeorgiou.  Physics Education, v41, n1, pp42-6. 2006.


"Reform of the College Science Lecture through Storytelling", by John A. Knox. Journal of College Science Teaching, v26, n6, pp388-92. May 1997.


"Storytelling as Pedagogy: An Unexpected Outcome of Narrative Inquiry", by Cathy Coulter, Charles Michael, and Leslie Poynor. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Curriculum Inquiry, v37, n2, pp103-122. June 2007.


"Telling Folktales in the Classroom", by David Heathfield. The Guardian (London). 10 April 2012.






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