Storyteller from Austria to visit Chennai
on Wed 23, and Thurs 24, Nov 2011

Dear Storytelling Friends,


Helmut Wittman, a professional storyteller from Austria, will be in Chennai on Wed 23, and Thurs 24 Nov. 

Helmut's visit to Chennai (and to other cities in India) is sponsored by the Govt of Austria -- so all of his events here are free to the public.  His visit to Chennai is facilitated by the World Storytelling Institute.  His Workshops and Performance will occur at the Goethe Institute (near the intersection of Rutland Gate 5th Street, and Khader Nawaz Khan Road).

A theme of Helmut's visit is

"European Fairy Tales -- Their History, Meaning, and Ways in Which They Serve as Sources of Moral Inspiration for Our Lives".

In addition, European Fairy Tales will be compared with Indian Fairy Tales.

Helmut will be leading a two-session Storytelling Workshop for Adults, on

1)  Wed 23 Nov.  4-6pm.  Storytelling Workshop (Part 1).
2)  Thurs 24 Nov.  3-4:30pm.  Storytelling Workshop (Part 2).

He will be helping us to explore and tell European and Indian Fairy Tales.

Then, during Helmut's Performance and Talk -- at 5pm on Thurs 24 Nov -- Helmut may have some of the Workshop participants tell Indian Fairy Tales, in contrast to the European Fairy tales he would be telling.

So, please let me know as soon as possible if you might like to attend Helmut's Storytelling Workshop.  One could attend just one session (on Wed or on Thurs), but it is recommended to attend both sessions.

Helmut's website is (click "English").
By the way, his Workshop and Performance will be in English.

Some photos of Helmut are here.

Please spread the word about Helmut's Workshop and Performance (via word-of-mouth, facebook, etc).

Many thanks,

- Eric
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Eric Miller, PhD
Director, World Storytelling Institute

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