Welcome to the Monday 8th March 2021

webpage of the



"Storytelling by and for Adults"


            (occurring via Zoom)


                    Presented by

          World Storytelling Institute



This is a series of Open-mic

Storytelling sessions.


This series and the Chennai

Storytelling Festival are both

presented by the World

Storytelling Institute.


Sessions in this series usually occur

on the first Monday of each month

beginning at 6pm India time.

(If you are not in India, you could

determine the starting time in your

time zone at

www.thetimezoneconverter.com .)


For seven years (starting in 2013),

this series occurred in a Cafe Coffee 

Day in Chennai.  Now it is occurring 

via Zoom videoconference.


Participating Storytellers are

requested to

1) tell stories that are especiallly

meant for adult listeners,


2) consider telling in the

"Candid" Storytelling Style

during at least parts of their



Admission is free.


If you have not yet attended a session

in this series -- to register to attend the

the sessions, please send an email to

info@storytellinginstitute.org .

(No need to re-register each month.)







1) 6th July 2020 session --

Links to recordings are here.


2) 3rd August 2020 session --

Links to recordings are here.


3) 7th Sept 2020 session --

Links to recordings are here.


4) 5th Oct 2020 session -- 

Links to recordings are here.


5) 2nd Nov 2020  session --

Links to recordings are here.


6) 7th Dec 2020 session --

Links to recordings are here.


7) 4th Jan 2021 session --

Links to recordings are here.


In Feb 2021, we took

a break, so we could focus on

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2021 ,

the Festival's 9th annual edition,

and the first to occur primarily via Zoom.


8) 8th March 2021 session --

Links to recordings are below.




     "Storytelling by and for Adults"


            Recordings of Storytellings on

              Monday 8th March 2021


1) Prakrati Agrawal tells                

"The Story of Raye Montague, Creator of

the First Computer-generated Draft of a

USA Naval Ship"

(a historical story).


2) Lilach Tzur tells

"A Red Rose for My Love"

(a fictional story, by Shulamit Eish Kishor).


3) Kanagadurga Ramesh tells                                                                            

"The Story of Saalumaruda Thimmakka,

an Environmentalist Woman Who Made

an Impact in Karnataka"

(a historical story).


4) Sarbani Sen tells

"The Story of Savitribai Phule"

(a historical story).


5) Ameya Puranik.

"A Walk Through My Ambitions"

(a fictional story, by Ameya Puranik).


6) Jyoti Pande.

"What a Woman's Heart Desires"

(a folktale).


7) 8:00pm.

J Lalitha.       

"The Tale of the Talking Garden-vegetables".

A conversation amongst the vegetables,

narrated by a mother to the baby to make

her eat all the vegetables

(a fictional story, by J Lalitha).




To communicate with any of the above:


Please send an email to me, Eric, at

storytelling7@gmail.com , and I would

forward your email to the Storyteller.




Some tips and suggestions regarding

"Storytelling via Videoconference, and In-person"

are here.