Chennai Storytelling Festival 2019


Performances in Tamil Language



Date: Sun 3rd Feb.

Timing: 4:30pm to 6:30pm.


Location: Storycorner at Bookmine, 1 Tarapore Ave

(beside the underpass), Harrington Road, Chetpet.


Admission: Free.


For additional info: 98402 47624



Storytellers --


1) Alli B.

2) Ambujavelli Nagarajan (Ambuja).

3) H. Banumathy (Banu).

4) Kanagadurga Ramesh (Kanaga).

5) Lavanya Srinivas.

6) M. Pandiarajan.

7) Jeya Shivani.

8) Sudha Umashankar.

9) Vasugi Ram Manohar.






Suggested topic and type of story --


"Folktales (Grandmother stories) about strong, kind, and clever girls and women (or boys and men)".


Personal-experience stories, or any other type of story, would also be fine.


Stories could also relate to the value and benefits of diversity, on any level.


For story ideas, please click here. 




Stylised speech (including characters singing) and stylised movement are encouraged.


For audio-video examples of "Rhythm, Melody, and Rhyme in Storytelling Speech",  please click here.


The oral verbal-art techniques demonstrated there include:

1) Elongation of vowel sounds. 

2) Pauses.

3) Rhythm and melody in speech.

4) Repetition with variation (including making lists).






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