Chennai Storytelling Festival 2021:

     The Healing Power of Story,

 Storytelling, and Story-enacting


           Fri 5th to Sun 28th Feb 2021


This would be the 9th annual edition of the

CSF.  Some documentation of CSF 2020

(which occurred in Feb 2020) is here.




Posters for the past 3 editions of the CSF are at . .


Soon there would be an online interactive Poster

for CSF2021-HPSx3.




Zoom sections of CSF2021-HPSx3 would occur

(all times are India time):

1) From Sat 6th Feb, 6:30pm -- going for 24 hours.

2) From Sat 13th Feb, 6:30pm -- going for 24 hours.

3) From Sat 20th Feb, 6:30pm -- at selected times.

4) From Sat 27th Feb, 6:30pm -- at selected times.



A) Telegu / Multilingual Storytelling on Sat 13th Feb

(timing to be announced).

B) Tamil Storytelling on Sat 20th Feb, 3pm-5:30pm.




Admission to all Zoom events of CSF2021-HPSx3 

would be free for all adults (and for all young people

accompanied by adults).


To register to attend any or all CSF2021-HPSx3

Zoom events, please send an email request to .

(The CSF is presented by the World Storytelling

Institute, an NGO registered in Chennai, south India.)




Some ideas about Storytelling and Healing,

written by CSF director Dr Eric, are here.



CSF2021-HPSx3 would feature:


A) Storytellings

B) Storytelling and Healing -related Workshops

C) Healing Story Circles

D) "Story and Process" sessions

E) "Storytelling from Villages"

F) Panel Discussions




A) Storytellings


Each storytelling would go for up-to-10 minutes 

and would be immediately followed by approximately

10 minutes of discussion, and possible role-play

with story characters.



(67.  Some not yet confirmed.)


Allison Quaid.

Ambujavalli N.

Banumathy H.

Barry Stewart Mann.

Bruce Kirchoff.

Connie Regan-Blake.

Debjani Bhaduri.

Divya Anand.

Ed Lewis.

Gail Herman.

Indu Divya.

Ivanir Sibylla Hasson.

Jangid Pushkar.

John Richardson.

Jyoti Arya.

Katherine Barron.

Kevin Cordi.

Khushboo Chokhani.

Lani Peterson.

Lavanya Prasad.

Lavanya Srinivas.

Mani Nachiappan.

Marijana Mary Mrvos.

Meher Gehi.

Mubeen Irshad.

Nidhi Bagaria.

Norah Dooley.

Pandiarajan M.

Paula Martín.

Poonam Joshy.

Pretigaya Haran.

Priti Sudarsan.

Priya Palanikumar.

Rachna Chowla.

Radha Balaraman.

Ramya Iyer.

Ramya Srinidhi.

Rebecca Lemaire.

Renu Narayan.

Rich Swanson.

Rona Barbour.

Rona Leventhal.

Roopa Mohan.

Salome D.

Sandhya Naren.      

Sandhya Ruban.

Sangitaa Sehgall.

Sanjeev Kumar Singhal.

Shan Shanmugsundaram.

Sharmilee Muralidhara.

Sikha Gurung.

Shital Ravi.

Smita Rajan.

Sonia Bareja Punhani.

Sowmya Srinivasan.

Sristi Sengupta and Team.

Sridevi Srinivaasan.

Srividya V.

Steve Daut.

Sudha Umashanker.



Uma Jairam.

Valentina Ortiz Pandolfi.

Vasugi Ram Manohar.

Wangari Grace.

Zarin Maraikayar.




B) Storytelling and Healing -related Workshops

(Number of Workshops: 25. 

Duration of each Workshop: 85 minutes.)



"Process Drama with Stories"

(including Restorative Justice),

Barry Stewart Mann (Atlanta, USA),     



"Improvised Storytelling,"

Bruce Kirchoff and Katherine Barron

(North Carolina, USA)



"Creative Storytelling for Resilience,

Empathy, and Change,"

David Heathfield (Exeter, England),



"Narrative Therapy,"

David Newman (Sydney, Australia),



"Create Your Own Fantasy Healing-story,"

Eric Miller (Chennai), ,



"Organic Storytelling: Movement and Storytelling

for Self-awareness and Personal Growth,"

Gail Herman (Massachusetts, USA),



"Creative Storytelling and Healing,"

Ivanir Sibylla Hasson (Oslo, Norway),



(To be announced),

Kevin Cordi (Ohio, USA),



"Storytelling for Connection, Insight,

and Transformation,"

Lani Peterson (Massachusetts, USA),



"The Medicine Inside the Spoken Image."

In this workshop we would explore ways a

story can prepare us for healing ourselves,

for being in our being, and for restoring our 

connection to the earth, to nature, to each

other, and to the spirit that informs the heart.

Laura Simms (New York City, USA),



"Storytelling for Emotional Intelligence"

(for people working with adults),

Lavanya Srinivas (Chennai)



"Story in Psychodrama and other

Aspects of Expressive Arts Therapy,"

Magdalene Jeyarathnam (Chennai),

TED talk,



"Storytelling for Emotional Intelligence"

(for people working with children),

Mashuda Muthi (Chennai)



"The Power of Telling: High School Students

Grow and Heal While Telling Their Stories" --

A Workshop for Adults Who Work with High

School Students.

Norah Dooley (Massachusetts, USA),



"Storytelling and Conversations about Death and Grief,"

Rebecca Lemaire (Spain),



"Creativity, Story, and Healing,"

Sayantani Dasgupta (NYC, USA),

Pediatrician and "Narrative Medicine" scholar,

now also an author of children's fantasy literature. , ,

TED talk, "Radical Imagination: Children’s Literature

Changes the World,"



"Storytelling for Emotional Intelligence"

(for people working with older teenagers),

Shanmugasundaram (Shan) (Chennai),



"Movement and Storytelling,"

Smita Rajan (Mumbai) and Eric Miller (Chennai),

Smita Rajan's Linked In page



"Mindfulness and Storytelling,"

Sonia Bareja Punhani (New Delhi),



"Building Connection and Empathy through


Steve Daut (Michigan, USA),



"Using Therapeutic Stories with Children,

Teenagers, and Adults,"

Susan Perrow (Sydney, Australia),



"Parallel Narratives: Using Metaphor and

Magic to Transform Life Stories,"

Trisha Denton (Vermont, USA)



(To be announced),

Tuaratini (Auckland, New Zealand),



"Interactivity in Storytelling"

(title not yet finalised),

Wangari Grace (Nairobi, Kenya),



"The Story Within: An application of Creative

Arts Therapy,"

Yehudit Silverman (Montreal, Canada),




C) Healing Story Circles.


The session leaders would say some opening

words and then participants could tell related

personal-experience stories and other stories.


1) Led by the leaders of the Indian Storytellers

Healing Network : Getanjali Shetty Kaul,

Jyoti Pande, Poonam Joshy, Sangitaa Sehgall,

and Sowmya Srinivasan.


2) Led by Ramya Iyer.




D) "Story and Process" sessions.


The session leader would tell a story and

then there would be discussion and

participants' resonations.


Beatrice Salmon-hawk: Inanna.


Juliet Bruce: Firebird.


Laura Simms: The Demon in the Tower. 

Or, Helen the All Wise.


Nilgün Yalay: The Seal Woman (a Folktale in

Women Who Run with the Wolves).




E) "Storytelling from Villages."


Not on Map,

(not yet confirmed).




F) Panel Discussions.


CSF 2021 Storytellers would be among the

Invited Speakers.


The central question and topic would be:

"In what ways could stories and storytelling assist,

stimulate, and support healing processes?"