Chennai Storytelling Festival 2023

Fri 3rd to Sun 26th Feb 2023


Festival theme: Storytelling and

Growing, Maturing, Gaining Freedom from

Oppression, Teaching and Learning, Playing,

Creating, Transforming, and/or Healing

in Individuals and Groups --

and the Healing of the Environment."


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Workshop Leaders and Storytellers (101)



1) Aaron Conklin (Missouri).


"Storytelling as a Conduit for Growing through Grief".

Starting at

9am (India time), Sun 5th Feb.

9:30pm (Missouri time), Sat 4th Feb.

10:30pm (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sat 4th Feb.


An old Celtic proverb states, "Death is the middle of a long life." 

The great Sufi poet and mystic Rumi said, "Die before you die." 

When composing the Holy Longing, novelist and poet Johann

Wolfgang von Goethe concludes, " long as you haven't

experienced this: to die and so to grow, you are only a troubled

guest on the dark earth."

     To truly experience the mysterious and nourishing depths of

life's offerings, the human psyche has to confront death, as both

the finality of one’s physical existence and as the ending of

experiences, relationships, opportunities, and stages in one’s life. 

Many of the hardships and difficulties that can befall a person in

their lifetime can each feel like a form of dying, as they often signify

a permanent change to deeply held perspectives in the psyche. 

In all its myriad forms, death brings change and grief, and the

human psyche must learn to process it, preferably in physically,

mentally, and spiritually healthy manners.  Storytelling can be one

such manner.

     Several cultures worldwide tell stories to remind us that death

and grieving are merely a sequential part of a continual cycle of

initiation.  Using a version of "The Cat Who Lived a Million Lives"

by Yoko Sano, this workshop explores the grief that accompanies

those smaller "deaths" that we have to grow through in the seasons

of life so our newest and better selves can continually emerge.  It is

the intention of this workshop, and the belief of its presenter, that

when experienced in a group setting that safely encourages

participants to share personal interpretations, reactions, and

connections, this story can become a conduit for transforming loss

and heartache into supportive scaffolding for healthy human

development.  We will experience the story in two parts, with a

moment for reflection and sharing in the middle and at the end. 

Afterward, participants will be invited to design and illustrate

personal "death" masks.


ajconklin1983 (at)



2) Allison Quaid (Germany).


"Create a Healing Fairytale".

Starting at

3:30pm (India time), Sun 12th Feb.

11am (Germany time), Sun 12th Feb.

5am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sun 12th Feb.


Creating your own healing fairy tale

is a magical experience.  It can put

you in touch with your fairy godmother

whose wise words can soothe old pain

and turn them into insight, compassion,

and empowering beliefs.  Creating a tale

is easier than you might imagine.  In this

workshop, you'll receive a guide for writing

a healing tale and you'll start writing your

own. No experience is needed. 


Examples of healing fairy tales are on

aquaid (at)



3) Ambujavalli N. (Chennai).



"Animating a Story with Gestures, Sounds,

and Humour".

Starting at

5pm (India time), Fri 17th Feb.

6:30am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Fri 17th Feb.


The flyer is here.


A movie has a crew working on different things

such as screenplay, acting, music, and dance

A storyteller is like a one-man/woman army

who has to play all the above roles to grab and

retain the attention of audience members.

     Elements that can make storytelling more

engaging and entertaining are sounds, gestures

and humour.  This workshop aims at providing

a glimpse of how and where these elements

can be added to a storytelling to make it a more

lively experience for the teller and the audience





with other members of Springboard Tales:

"Various Methods of Storytelling, and

Activities Listeners Could Do After


Starting at

5pm (India time), Sun 19th Feb.

6:30am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sun 19th Feb.


This workshop presents demonstrations of storytelling

methods such as, 1) Tandem, 2) Theatrical, 3) Through

poetry, and 4) Weaving personal narratives with folktales.

     However, the storytelling experience need not stop with

just the telling of stories.  What we do after a story is shared

can also be very important.  Thus, participants in this

workshop would be coached in activities the listeners

could be invited to do after they hear and see storytellings. 

Through these activities, listeners could churn and stir

within themselves the feelings and thoughts brought on

by storytellings.




Starting at

5:10pm (India time), Sat 25th Feb.

6:40am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sat 25th Feb.


Hybrid session -- Online (Zoom) and in-person

at British Council, Chennai.

Story titles are here.


Facebook page

ambujavalli (at)



4)  Amna Burki (Manitoba, Canada).


"Storytelling for Celebrating Cultural Diversity".

Co-led by David Heathfield.

Starting at

9:30pm (India time), Sat 4th Feb.

10am (Manitoba, Canada time), Sat 4th Feb.

11am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sat 4th Feb.


Through oral storytelling we can build bridges between

cultures within our communities.  Tellers and listeners

have the opportunity to learn about and celebrate cultural

diversity when they are told and tell wisdom tales from

heritages which are often overlooked among the dominant

majority.  In this workshop we'll explore the benefits to

everyone of choosing to tell stories which reveal to us

what we have in common.


amnaburki16 (at)



5) Amrita Chauhan (Jaipur).


"Creative Ways to Build Stories".

Starting at

6:30pm (India time), Sun 12th Feb.

8am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sun 12th Feb.


Have you ever gotten stuck while composing a story? 

In this workshop, we will look at numerous structures

and guidelines for composing stories.  The workshop

will feature a bold new approach to accessing the

imaginative side of the mind.  This approach is

designed to trigger one's creativity and let one

add magic, as well as logic, to a story.  We will

be exploring our experiences, thoughts, and emotions. 

The workshop's hands-on activities are designed to

promote thinking, and enable one to express freely

and come up with new ideas individually, and in groups. 

     We will also experiment with what can occur when

one tells a story one has created.  As we all know,

storytelling involves expression, engagement, body

language, nuances, voice modulation, and more.


amritasomani (at)



6) Anagha Prasad (Bangalore).


The Katha Krafters present "Interwoven India".

Stories about the unique weaves and patterns

from the looms of India.

Starting at

9:30pm (India time), Sun 5th Feb.

11am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sun 5th Feb.


A Flyer is here.


Participating Members:

1) Anagha Prasad.

2) Geetha Subramanian.

3) Meera Venkatesan.

4) Parvathy Eswaran.


anaghaprasad (at)

Facebook, KathaKrafters



7) Angela Halvorsen Bogo (Norway).


Starting at

6:10pm (India time), Sat 25th Feb.

1:40pm (Norway time), Sat 25th Feb.

7:40am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Fri 25th Feb.


Hybrid session -- Online (Zoom) and in-person

at British Council, Chennai.

Story titles are here.


angela.bogo (at)



8)  Anitha Ranjit (Kochi).



the Malayalam Storytelling Session,

Starting at

3pm (India time), Sun 19th Feb.

4:30am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sun 12th Feb.

Please contact Ms Anitha for the Zoom Link.


anisumi65 (at)



9) Annapoorani Barani (Chennai).



Starting at

5:10pm (India time), Sat 11th Feb.

6:40am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sat 11th Feb.


Hybrid session -- Online (Zoom) and in-person

at Goethe Institute, Chennai.

Story titles are here.




"Maximising One's Storytelling Space:

Ways to Make Best Use of One's Offline

or Online Space to Deliver a Good


Starting at

Noon (India time), Sun 12th Feb.

1:30am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sun 12th Feb.


The workshop concerns maximising the storytelling

space: ways to make best use of the space one has

for a storytelling -- whether off-line (with listeners

physically-present) or on-line


annu199 (at)



10) Anuradha Rohra (Mumbai).


"Exploring Stories through Dramatic Activities".

Starting at

9am (India time), Sun 12th Feb.

10:30pm (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sat 11th Feb.


Effective storytelling connects to the meaning