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Ms. Ruth Stotter


Ms. Ruth Stotter is a professional storyteller, educator, and author.  She is based in California, USA, and has performed, lectured, and led workshops on five continents. 


Ruth was the Founder and Director of the Storytelling Program, Dominican College (San Rafael, California), 1985-1999.  She has received a lifetime teaching credential (Kindergarden through University) from the state of California.  She is a former chairperson of the American Folklore Society's Folk Narrative Section, and has also served in the AFS' Children’s Folklore Section, where she helped to select the best Folklore-related publications for children.  In 2011, she received the (USA) National Storytelling Network's Lifetime Achievement Award. 


Ruth is the author of numerous books relating to Folklore and Storytelling, including,

* A Loop of String: Traditional and Original String Figures and Stories (storytelling accompanied by making string patterns).

* The Golden Axe: Folktales of Compassion and Greed.

* You're On! 101 Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills. 

* About Story (collected essays).

* More about Story (collected essays).


In addition to performing an encyclopedic repertoire of folktales from around the world, Ruth gives talks and leads workshops on a wide variety of storytelling-related subjects, including, 

1) Audience-Participation Storytelling.

2) Tandem Storytelling (two or more performers telling together).

3) Storytelling with Props, Masks, Puppets, String, Origami, and Music. 

4) Expanding Short Stories, and Shortening Long Stories.

5) Pre-School Storytelling.

6) Storytelling across Curriculums (using storytelling to teach academic subjects).

7) Interpreting Fairytales (for psychologists, parents, etc).

8) Storytelling 101 - Basic selection, composition, and performance skills for teens and adults.


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For info regarding Workshops and Performances:

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