Chennai Storytelling Festival 2019,

at Loyola College



Thurs 7 Feb 2019, for College Students --



"Storytelling for Personal and Professional Success":

Storytelling for Job Interviews, Project Reports, Making Good Impressions, etc.



Possible Activies include:


Storytelling to prepare for Job Interviews:

In groups of 2 (with the person sitting next to you), take turns telling:

1) The story of Your Life (a 10-minute version), focussing on how you discovered and have developed your unique interests, talents, and skills.

2) The story of the Industry in which you would like to work.

3) The story of the Company for which you would like to work.

4) The story of what you feel you could contribute to your chosen industry and company.  You might imagine and describe a particular project you would like to help do.

(from Eric)




Using Storytelling to communicate Project Reports:


Compose an "Elevator Story," and tell it to the person sitting next to you.  An Elevator Story (named such by Steve Jobs) is a very brief type of Project Report.  An Elevator Story is a story a designer (or engineer, etc) tells to his/her manager about a product (or service) the designer is developing -- about both the product's mechanical function, and its potential meaning and value in the consumer's life -- all in the time it takes for an elevator (or "lift") to go from the ground floor to the upper floor on which the manager's office is located.

(from Eric)




Using Storytelling to Make Good Impressions:







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