Info about the 2014 World Storytelling Day (20 March 2014) videoconference hosted by the World Storytelling Institute is here.


A link to a recording of the videoconference is here. 


There is a minute of blankness starting at approx the 16 minute mark, due to a technical difficulty on the WSI side.





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Storytelling and Discussion via videoconference__Hosted in Chennai, on Thursday 20 March, World Storytelling Day.


Please join us at the World Storytelling Institute (based in Chennai, south India) for a videoconference session of discussion and storytelling. 


Starting at

Sydney (Australia) time -- 3am, Fri 21st.

Singapore time -- Midnight  (Thurs 20th / Fri 21st) .

India time -- 9:30pm, Thurs 20th.

England time -- 4pm, Thurs 20th.

USA East Coast time -- 11am, Thurs 20th.

USA West Coast time -- 8am, Thurs 20th.

Hawaii time -- 6am, Thurs 20th.

(Scheduled duration, 90 minutes.)


The themes of World Storytelling Day this year are Monsters & Dragons.  We would discuss these themes, and also the state of storytelling in the world today.  Along the way, we might even tell some stories.


We would be using "Google Hangout", with the "On Air" option (to webcast the videoconference live through a Youtube page).


For a previous example of a recording of a "Google Hangout On Air" webcasted-videoconference, please see the recording of a recent  conversation a group of us had about Storytelling and Healing.  The link to this recording is here.  





Questions or Comments?

Please contact

Dr Eric Miller (PhD in Folklore)

98403 94282